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After Dark at All Saints Coming Soon
Posted by Brindley Beach Vacations and Sales | Friday, January 12, 2018

Looking for something different to do on the Outer Banks? Thinking that now that winter is here the sidewalks have rolled up and come sundown, everyone hurries home to wait for the summer?

After Dark at All Saints lays those myths to rest—hopefully to never rise again.

From the very end of January to the beginning of March the annual After Dark at All Saints Episcopal Church in Southern Shores breaths a remarkable life into Outer Banks life. What it is, are classes in everything from Outer Banks history to beer making, to how to make tamales. And that’s just scratching the surface of topics.

The event began as a combination charity event and way to create something to do during the Outer Banks winter. The church continues to give away the funds it raises from the event, but those first dozen or so classes have now expanded to more than 90 classes.

We’ve included some of the more interesting ones…or at least we think they are. But they are really just a sampling. Check out the full list online to see how much is really offered. 

Helpful hint—the cooking classes fill very quickly. Some are already filled.

Some Classes

“KIKI” KIOUSIS is back with daughter-in-law DAWN KIOUSIS to offer instruction in preparing Spanakopita, Greek spinach pie. You will enjoy this delicious dish almost as much as the charm Kiki and Dawn bring to the kitchen. Class size is limited to 20 with an additional fee of $5. Monday, Jan 29

In this class, JOHN MARMANN promises students an exceptional meal Grilled Chicken Tamales with Salsa Mole and Tomatillo. Chef John has over 20 years of experience in a wide variety of locales, including St John’s USVI, Scottsdale, AZ, and New York City. Class size is limited to 20 students with an additional fee of $10. Thursday, Mar 1.


Much has been written and discussed about the Civil War. But the impact on the isolated communities of the Outer Banks is less known. SCOTT DAWSON, historian, 8th generation native, history teacher, and museum owner will explore how naval battles in the region often split families on the battlefield. Spend an evening with Scott to hear his perspective on this aspect of the conflict as it impacted local citizens and the war effort of both sides of the conflict. Friday, Feb 2


his introductory course covers all the steps needed to make your first home brewed beer. TOM WELCH has been an avid home brewer for more than twenty years and has medaled in regional and national competitions. In 2013, he helped establish the OBX Home brewers Club. Tom will show how a locally available beginner’s beer kit can be used to illustrate the process and discuss ingredients and how they are combined. Class size is limited to 15 with an additional fee of $5. Monday, Feb 12

CLASS 942 – WINE 101

Join Chef and Certified Level II Sommelier DAN LEWIS of Coastal Provisions for a crash course on wine. The class will be packed with information from how wine is made, regional characteristics, and food pairings, to deciphering labels and restaurant wine lists. Best of all, you will taste while you discover. Plan on having dinner before class –it’s a “big agenda!” Class size is limited to 24 students with an additional fee of $10 for supplies. Tuesday, Jan 30.


Beer has been around for a long time, and it's not going anywhere. After all, beer IS history! Join TRiO Beermonger JOHN MINNICH for a discussion of the history of beer - its origin, its role in society and culture, the role of the church and governmental agencies - and what that history means for the future. Of course, we'll supplement our discussion with living history, in the form of samples of historical beer styles to stimulate and enrich our discussion! Class size is limited to 15 with an additional fee of $10. Tuesday, Feb 20.


All sea turtle species are either threatened or endangered, and thus in danger of becoming extinct. KAREN CLARK will lead a game show style presentation covering species of turtles that visit North Carolina, some of the threats they face, and conservation efforts to help protect them. Karen has worked with the NC Wildlife Resources Commission on the Outer Banks for 12 years and serves as Scientific Advisor for the Network for Endangered Sea Turtles (NEST). Friday, Feb 9


 Landscape Architect JIM CONNERS will offer a presentation on the use of native plants in our local environment, including examples of plants considered native to our area, pros and cons of using them, where they can be obtained, and which natives do best in each of the different micro-zones, stretching from sound-side to oceanfront. Thursday, Feb 15


DENISE DEACON is president of the Outer Banks Beekeepers Guild and, with over six years of experience, has Journeyman Beekeeper Certification. Denise gives a fascinating presentation about honey bees and the numerous benefits humans derive from them. The class includes an overview of honey bee basics and an introduction to different hive styles and beekeeping equipment. Tuesday, Jan 30


 Dr. CLIFFORD COX is retired from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, where he served as Professor of Music as well as in multiple administrative positions. He believes that telling stories from your life is valuable and rewarding! He will help you get started, choose the stories you want to preserve, and make them come alive in the telling. He’ll even confess to mistakes made in writing his own memoir. Monday, Feb

Class 978 – STAINED GLASS – Two Successive Nights and 6PM START TIME

SANDY BRIGGMAN has worked in stained glass for 20 years now, originally taught by local artists Ellinor and Bob Nick in Wanchese. Her beautiful pieces can be found all around the Outer Banks and even overseas. San In this After Dark class, students will learn the “foil” method, working with glass, grinders, foil, and solder to create their own stained glass sun catcher to take home after the two-night course. The class is limited to 8 students, beginning each of the two nights at 6 PM and lasting for three hours. There is an additional fee of $15. Thursday and Friday, Feb 22 and 23


The Blind Date Book Club is made to order for you, led by JAMIE ANDERSON, the bookstore manager at Duck’s Cottage Coffee and Books and owner of Downtown Books in Manteo. Copies of the chosen book, new in paperback, will be available in the All Saints office on January 15. This gives you three weeks to read, but beware – Jamie read almost the entire volume in one sitting! Come to class ready to share lively talk about the Civil War setting, memorable characters, and more. Additional fee of $16 to cover the cost of the book. Tuesday, Feb 6


“There is no dance more associated with the South than shagging and there is no place more accommodating to shagging than the South. Learning to shag is learning to be a Southerner..” All that and good exercise too! Whether you are a beginner or an expert, come join local retired educators SANDY and JEFF ALBARTY, who will share their joy of the dance and teach you shagging, Southern style. Wear leather bottom shoes or socks, no tennis-type shoes. Wednesday, Jan 31


All Saints Episcopal Church Outer Banks Shag Dancing Southern Shores

20th Annual Outer Banks Wedding Expo on Tap for This Weekend
Posted by Brindley Beach Vacations and Sales | Thursday, January 11, 2018

It’s January, it’s Martin Luther King Weekend, and that means, on the Outer Banks that it’s time for the 20th Annual Outer Banks Wedding Association Wedding Expo.

Held every year at First Flight High School and First Flight Middle School in Kill Devil Hills, the two day event really highlights how popular the Outer Banks is as a wedding destination.

Brindley Beach Vacations will be there—of course. We have a number of homes that are ideal for a wedding or event and it’s exciting to meet every year with brides, grooms and their families and envision the possibilities.

There is so much to do a the Expo that it’s not possible to list everything, but it is sort of one stop shopping. Yes, we’ll be there talking about how we can help make a wedding something special, but there are also caterers, wedding officiants, photographers, videographers and any associated business that can help a wedding be just a bit nicer.

One group of vendors that we really recommend talking to are event or wedding organizers. For a small wedding, they may not be needed, but for a typical wedding with 100 guest or more, their knowledge of what goes into an Outer Banks wedding is invaluable.

A couple of recommendations based on years of experience attending the show. 

  1. Take notes—There is so much information to be gathered that relying on memory seems unreliable.
  2. Wear comfortable shoes—There is a lot of walking involved to see everything.
  3. Don’t eat before you go—It looks as though there will be at least 31 caterers and restaurants on hand. Everyone of them will be handing out samples…and they’re all good. And that number does not include the cakes, candies and bakers.
  4. Relax and have fun.

Brindley Beach Vacations Outer Banks Outer Banks Wedding Association Wedding Expo

2017-A Good Year and Better on Tap
Posted by Brindley Beach Vacations and Sales | Sunday, January 7, 2018

Our New Brindley Beach Vacations Corolla Office.

Now that the excitement of the new year the Great SnOBX is gone—except for the bitter cold, and that will be gone too as well, it’s time to look back over the 2017 and reflect on what w the major event on the Outer Banks.

Of course the big event from our Brindley Beach perspective is our new Corolla office that we opened in June exactly two years to the day from when our original building burned to the ground. The building is spectacular, the grand opening party marvelous and goes to show that setbacks are just an opportunity to do better.

Of course our new office was not the only major event of the year. 

Concerned about the potential for damage to buildings and infrastructure, Dare County and the towns of Duck, Southern Shores, Kitty Hawk and Kill Devil Hills got together to fund one of the largest beach nourishment projects in North Carolina. Now that it’s completed and there have been a couple of storms, it looks as thought the beach is holding up well and doing what it’s supposed to do—protect property, roads and other infrastructure.

Speaking of infrastructure, at long last, a replacement bridge for the Bonner Bridge is taking shape and should be competed in the fall of this year.

There were some very interesting natural phenomenon occurred this year as well.

Shelly Island formed off the point at Cape Hatteras. It’s not an island any more, and scientists, being the spoil sports they are, correctly predicted it would eventually reconnect with the land. Properly called a cuspate foreland, the formation of a raised sand bar at the end of sand cape like the Point is fairly common. What was not common, though, was the size of Shelly Island.

We suppose into every life a little rain must fall, and under that heading the closing of Kelly’s Outer Banks Tavern in Nags Head certainly qualifies. An icon of Outer Banks restaurants and entertainment for 32 years, Kelly’s will be missed.

Overall, we have to say 2017 was a good year, and we’re thinking 2018 will be even better.

2017 Bonner Bridge Brindley Beach Kellys Outer Banks Tavern New Year Outer Banks

OBX Winter Storm Leaves Beauty Behind
Posted by Brindley Beach Vacations and Sales | Friday, January 5, 2018

Winter scene at Currituck Estaurine Reserve just north of the Village of Corolla.

The great winter storm of 2018 has come and gone on the Outer Banks. 

A snowfall like this does transform the look and feel of the area. Snow mixes with sand on the beach creating an odd not quite white and not quite sand color to the dunes. The sea after a storm this large seems disorganized. The waves that usually roll in with an even predictable break have become random with no coherent pattern.

Away from the ocean something magical happens. The maritime forests become glistening white tunnels, the branches bowed under the weight of the snow form overhead arches. 

Depending on where someone is living or staying while visiting, it may take some effort to get to one of the maritime forests or parks of the Outer Banks, but the reward is worth the effort.

Of course there may be a second one or a third storm this winter, but that would be a rare event indeed. Measurable snowfall in this amount on the Outer Banks is not a  common occurrence.

Which probably accounts for why there are no snowplows here.

NCDOT did manage to get a few to the area today, a full day after the storm headed north, but the roads are in pretty rough condition—packed snow and ice with a few patches here and there of asphalt showing through.

Driving conditions are not that great—somewhere around 20-25 mph seems to be the speed everyone has settled into. And with temperatures struggling into the 20s for the next few days, there may not be a lot of improvement.

It’s a few days of inconvenience with the full beauty of winter on display. Not a bad tradeoff at all.

Beach Corolla Ncdot Outer Banks Snowstorm

Winter Storm Pummels Outer Banks
Posted by Brindley Beach Vacations and Sales | Wednesday, January 3, 2018

It looks like we’re going to have a couple of miserable days on the Outer Banks. There’s no way to sugarcoat that. 

The forecast called for a rapid intensification of the low that formed offshore and the forecasters sure got this one right. At 6:00 p.m. we had light winds and over cast skies; two hours later the winds were over 20 mph with a hard rain. 

Three hours later the winds holding steady at 30 with gusts 40-45 and according to the forecast and satellite imagery, the most potent part of the storm is not quite here yet.

The temperature has been falling as well. About a degree and a half to two degrees an hour which matches up with the predicted change over to snow and a wintry mix about 2:30 or 3:00 in the morning.

Given the nature of this storm, location is everything. Kitty Hawk and south is under a winter storm warning with 2”-4” expected. Corolla has been issued a blizzard warning with 5-7” and winds gusting to 50 mph.

Of course we’ll have some pretty rough seas as well. The forecast includes some soundside flooding, but that will be mostly isolated areas of Hatteras Island and inland areas bordering the sounds. Rough seas and some ocean overwash is also in the forecast. Should e a good test for the just completed beach nourishment project  in Duck, Kitty Hawk and Kill Devil Hills.

And it’s going to get very cold over the next few days.

It’s definitely a good night to be inside. If there’s a fireplace, light it. Under any circumstances, don’t go out unless there’s a really good reason.

Blizzard Corolla Kitty Hawk Outer Banks Winter Storm

Welcome 2018!!!
Posted by Brindley Beach Vacations and Sales | Monday, January 1, 2018

Someone forgot to tell old man winter to take some time off this New Years Eve. Or maybe he’s just angry about something. Either way that north wind off Shallowbag Bay is creating a challenge to New Years Eve celebrations in downtown Manteo. 

The celebration is moving forward anyway. Amidst the occasional snow flurries and dropping temperatures Sassagrass did a great job with their set. Bluegrass but with a driving beat and some great guitar and mandolin work. 

The crowd is slowly growing...surprising given how cold is.

They dropped the ball at a little after 8:30 the timing was a bit off but the kids didn’t seem to mind. 

The Original Rhondels are on stage. There’s a it of a debate about just who are the official Original Rhondels, but these guys are really good. Although their hits were all in the 60s, the playlist covers a couple of decades. Good sax player too.

It’s 28 degrees with a wind chill of 18...but it feels colder. There’s two knots of people at town’s parking lot where the festivities are happening. Sixty or 70 of them are gathered around the stage dancing; another 20 or 30 are gathered around the yule fire trying to get warm.

There are two or three minutes left in 2017. The snow flurries are almost to snow showers…but not quite. The crowd is migrating to the docks on the Manteo waterfront. There’s a countdown, and then, across the harbor, beautiful blue-white lights fill the sky with the number 2018 in suspended in the rigging of the Queen Elizabeth II that rests at its dock.

2018 Manteo New Year Queen Elizabeth Ii Rhondels

Great Times on Tap for Early January
Posted by Brindley Beach Vacations and Sales | Friday, December 29, 2017

The year is winding down, coming to what looks like a very cold close. Manteo has a day of celebration lined up on New Year’s Eve, but definitely wear your longjohns. It’s going to be cold.

With the new year almost upon us, we should take a moment to look ahead and see what’s coming up and it looks as like, even though it’s winter on the Outer Banks, there is still some great entertainment on tap.

Wednesday, January 10 the Don and Catharine Bryan Cultural Series brings Matthew Van Hoose to All Saints Episcopal Church in Southern Shores for a piano recital.

This could be really interesting. As it turns out, Van Hoose isn’t just any old piano player tickling the ivories. When he’s not being the Musician in Residence at American University in addition to other teaching positions, Dr. Van Hoose is the organist for the Washington Nationals.

The evening is billed as a piano recital, but it seems appropriate to mention St. Andrews recently installed a pipe organ.

Tickets are available at Duck's Cottage Coffee & Books in Duck, Downtown Books in Manteo, Grays Department. Store in Kitty Hawk and Sea Green Gallery in Nags Head.

The following night, Thursday, January 11, local musician, teacher, performer and amazing guitarist Ruth Wyand takes the stage at Waveriders. It’s a fundraiser to help send Ruth off to the 2018 International Blues Challenge in Memphis, Tennessee. 

Ruth was a finalist last year in the first year competing. That was an amazing accomplishment—the Memphis Challenge is one of the largest blues competitions in the world.

Bryan Cultural Series Manteo New Years Eve Outer Banks Ruth Wyand Southern Shore

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