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Skimboard Competition Promises a Different Weekend Treat
Posted by Brindley Beach Vacations and Sales | Wednesday, July 18, 2018


Delicate dance upon a skimboard for the best results.

Looking for something different to do this week? Check out the Pro/Am SkimBoard Competition this Saturday and Sunday (7/21 and 7/22) at Jennette’s Pier in Nags Head.

The weather is looking pretty good for the weekend. There is a chance for showers on Saturday morning, but the forecast looks good the rest of the weekend.

Almost everyone has tried a skimboard at some point. Some of do better than others; some fall numerous times and others master some pretty intricate tricks.

Since this looks to be a pro/am competition, there should be some pretty good riders on hand.
In the past, the completion has been strong, and some of the rides that competitors pull off in the thin sheen of water at the surf’s edge are nothing short of spectacular.

It is an open completion, sponsored by OBXSkim Camps, so anyone can enter. However, registration must be completed by Thursday, July 19, so there’s not much time.

The competition begins at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday and runs through the day until 5:00. Same for Sunday.

Jennettes Pier Nags Head Obxskim Camps Skimboard

Outer-A New Film about Outer Banks Surfing
Posted by Brindley Beach Vacations and Sales | Sunday, July 15, 2018

The Outer Banks has a justifiable reputation as one of the best surf destinations on the East Coast. It wan’t a reputation that came easily and a new film from Logan Marshall that premiered tonight at the Pioneer Theater in Manteo did a great job of telling the story of how and why this strip os sand has become so well thought of. 

Outer intersperses some great photography with interviews with some of the best current surfers as well as some of the surfers who helped put the Outer Banks on the surfing map .

Lynn Shell, the owner of Outer Banks Boarding in Nags Head, is interviewed extensively and his knowledge of local conditions and what creates them is fascinating. Equally as interesting are the conversations with Jesse Hines, now the owner of Surfin’ Spoon in Nags Head, but at one time a professional surfer who enjoyed considerable success.

By contrasting the thoughts of two experienced Outer Banks surfers with the observations of the up and coming riders, a full image of what the local scene is like emerges. It is interesting to hear how much respect the younger surfers give people like Jesse Hines or Noah Snyder, who was on the pro tour at the same time as Jesse.

The photography in the film is absolutely outstanding—made more remarkable, perhaps by the filmmaker.

Logan Marshall will be a senior next year at Manteo High School. Outer is his second film; his first film as a 20 minute surf film titled Limitless. Outer is an hour long.

It’s a very well made film and worth seeing. It will be screened again on Tuesday, July 17 at the Outer Banks Boarding Company in Nags Head.

Logan Marshall Nags Head Outer Outer Banks Surfing

Kites Fill the Sky at Wright Kite Festival
Posted by Brindley Beach Vacations and Sales | Saturday, July 14, 2018

Kites filled the sky at the first day of the Kitty Hawk Kites Wright Brothers Kite Festival.

The weather gods were smiling on the Outer Banks today—or at least they are at the Wright Brothers Memorial in Kill Devil Hills where Kitty Hawk Kites was holding it’s 40th Wright Kite Festival.

There was a perfect kite flying breeze from the northeast that held steady all day. Not a cloud in the sky and temperatures stayed in the low 80s. It would be hard to imagine a better day to be outside flying a kite.

An the kites were flying—filling the sky as we have never seen it before. We checked with John Harris, President of Kitty Hawk Kites, and he said much the same thing, that he did not recall every having so many kites in the sky and being able to sustain their flight for so long.

Even though all those gigantic kites floating in the sky is visually spectacular, watching giant kites sway back in forth in the wind was just one part of the event. There was also kite making for kids—and the kites really fly; face painting and stunt kite demos.

The Wright Kite Festival is a two day event, so they’ll be back tomorrow—and the weather is looking similar, if a bit warmer. Still good for a day to fly a kite.

Kill Devil Hills Kites Kitty Hawk Kites Wright Brothers

A Pleasant Evening for Nags Head Roll and Stroll
Posted by Brindley Beach Vacations and Sales | Thursday, July 12, 2018

Local notables gahter at Glenn Eure's Ghost Fleet Gallery. (LtoR) Artist Doug Bannon, Glenn Eure, Pat Eure, Dr. Stephanie Morgan and Nags Head Mayor Ben Cahoon.

On the north end of Nags Head there are about five or six art galleries within easy walking distance of one another.

About five years ago, the town thought they should take advantage of that and they held their first Roll and Stroll. The concept is simple—the galleries stay open just a bit later than usual, some of them have a special event of some sort for the evening, have some cookies or snacks available and people roll on bikes or just take a stroll along the streets and check out the galleries.

It’s held on the second Thursday of July. It’s not a big fancy event with lots of hoopla, but it has become one of the special days that make the Outer Banks such a great place to live and visit. 

The weather was about perfect this evening for the Roll and Stroll. There weren’t throngs of people on hand but it was nice turnout. 

At Glenn Eure’s Ghost Fleet Gallery, Glenn was advertising a cowgirl belly dancer and jewelry making. We didn’t get there early enough for the cougars. Too bad too…Glenn has a wonderful sense of humor and it’s hard to say exactly what that would have been.

Veterinarian Dr. Stephanie Morgan has a great idea with her Gallery Row Animal Hospital—office on the bottom floor and a small gallery upstairs to help fund the hospital.

There did seem to be a gathering of Shih Tzu dogs at one point with about seven or eight of the toy sized dogs were gather in the Animal Hospital parking lot.

It seems to be what the whole evening was about—pleasant, a little bit slow paced and friendly.

Ghost Fleet Gallery Glenn Eure Nags Head Outer Banks Roll And Stroll

Midsummer Meltdown in Corolla Makes Magnificent Music
Posted by Brindley Beach Vacations and Sales | Monday, July 9, 2018

Sensi Trails at teh Mustang Midsummer Meltdown. (LtoR) Kyle Rush, Rachel Dickerson, Mike Rush.

The Mustang Midsummer Meltdown was happening Sunday evening into Monday morning…very early Monday morning…up in Corolla.

It was a great evening of music. 

Three groups—local reggae band Sensi Trails led off the evening with Buddha Council, another reggae band from Hampton Roads. The headliner was The Trongone Band from Richmond—hard rock played by some amazing musicians.

What may have been most surprising from the evening though was how good Sensi Trails was.

Sensi Trails is a trio—guitar, drum and bass. They’ve been together for about a year and a half now and the improvement over that time is incredible.

Yes, they’re a reggae band…kind of, but not at all exclusively. The arrangements and sound is reggae, but they’re not afraid to take chances, so they’ll play an intro to a song using a classic slow hand blues sound, but then take into the reggae feel.

The vocals are fantastic. Guitar and lead vocal Kyle Rising has a very good voice, but paired with Rachel Dickerson on drums, the sound is distinctly their own.

They also write much of their own music—and the music and arrangements are good as what anyone is doing right now.

This is a group to watch. That is not meant to denigrate any of the other bands that were playing—they were very, very good, but Sensi Trails seems to have something special happening and they are certainly a band to watch.

Corolla Midsummer Meltdown Sensi Trails Trongone Band

Food, Drink and a Great Sunset
Posted by Brindley Beach Vacations and Sales | Saturday, July 7, 2018

Sunset from the Paper Canoe, Duck.

For good reason the people rave about the sunsets on the Outer Banks. With the sound to the west there is almost always a wonder view across open water as the ends its day.

There are a lot of places on the Outer Banks to capture a sunset and if we tried to list everything…well, it would go on for quite some time. 

The surprising thing is, though, that there are not that many restaurants that offer a great sunset view with a meal or a drink. 

We thought we would list a few. There are certainly a couple of others, but for a couple or a family that would like to relax at the end of a day, get a bite to eat and watch the sunset, here are some suggestions.

Pamlico Jack’s. Nags Head

Pamlico Jack’s is one of our favorite places to catch a sunset and get a bite to eat or sip a drink. Located in Nags Hear a little before the Causeway, there is a very nice outdoor seating area with a bar. The indoor seating is arranged so everyone gets to look out over Roanoke Sound and watch the sunset. With Roanoke Island as part of the Back drop it’s a great view.

Duck Boardwalk

The Town of Duck’s boardwalk is about a mile long, and its’s a wonderful place for an eventing walk. What really sets the boardwalk apart is there are three or four places along the way to get something to eat or enjoy a drink. Aqua Restaurant and Bar at the south end is particularly nice and during the summer often features live music on its outdoor deck.

Paper Canoe

Great food and a great sunset. Very nice wine list too. 

The Paper Canoe on the north end of Duck, is located in an elevated building with nothing to obstruct the view from the bar of Currituck Sound. For some reason the sunsets at this particular location are often some of the most spectacular.

Duck Boardwalk Outer Banks Pamlico Jacks Paper Canoe Sunset

Independence Day July 4, 2018--Outer Banks Report
Posted by Brindley Beach Vacations and Sales | Wednesday, July 4, 2018

After signing the Declaration of Independence John Adams, who would go on to be our second President, wrote to his wife, Abigail that the day would be “…celebrated as the great anniversary Festival”with “Pomp and Parade…Games, Sports, Guns, Bells, Bonfires and Illuminations from one End of this Continent to the other.”

We certainly had a celebration here on the Outer Banks. Not much pomp—it’s not something we do very much, but there was a parade in Duck and we did manage to illuminate the sky pretty well with fireworks. We can’t speak for the rest of the continent, but on this end, it was a pretty good celebration.

The weather sure helped. It was about as nice a day as there could be—mostly sunny, except for a brief afternoon shower, and mild, very pleasant temperatures right into the night.

There were celebrations bookending the northern Outer Banks—and all day affair in Corollla and an all day affair Manteo. both had live music, a couple of food trucks on hand and best of all, fireworks at night.

Manteo added a nice touch to their display, inviting the 208th Army Band to play at Roanoke Island Festival Park then capping the performance with fireworks over Shallowbag Bay.

Nags Head and Kill Devil Hills also had fireworks and sitting on the beach, with a gentle breeze off the ocean and the soothing sound of the waves breaking against the shore, there was a feeling that being on the Outer Banks fireworks illuminating the night sky, it was the perfect place to be.

A historical note about John Adams. In his letter to his wife he believes July 2 would be  be magic day—that’s the day he signed it. However it was not ratified until July 4…Independence Day.

Fireworks Independence Day Kill Devil Hills Kitty Hawk Manteo Outer Banks

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