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Is Beach Nourishment Coming to Southern Shores
Posted by Brindley Beach Vacations and Sales | Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Graphic showing activity of Pelican Watch beach 1849-2017.

When the towns of Duck, Kitty Hawk and Kill Devil Hills were lining up to work with Dare County to nourish their beaches, Southern Shores held itself apart. 

Historically the town has had some of the most stable beaches on the Outer Banks, so when the decision was made to not be a part of the project, it made sense. However, recent events on the southern end of town at Pelican’s Watch have shown how quickly circumstances can change.

Beginning in 2009, the beach began to erode and erode rapidly, retreating an average of 17’ per year. After Hurricane Matthew flattened the dunes and left properties exposed to the ocean, homeowners asked town council for help.

Feeling that one of the most effective mean of protection would be beach nourishment, the Town Council approached the nourishment contractor to see if they could piggyback on the Kitty Hawk project that is planned to begin in June.

The answer was yes they could if the necessary permits could be acquired. Because the equipment was already there, the savings would be very substantial. Further the south end of Southern Shores was going to be the taper area for the Kitty Hawk project so relatively little additional sand would be required.

On Tuesday evening the town held an informational forum at the Hilton Garden Inn in Kitty Hawk. Very well-attended—there seemed to be at least 250 people in attendance—the meeting was a opportunity for public comment and for experts to discuss beach nourishment.

The meeting was very long; beach nourishment is a hot button issue and there were a lot of people who wished to speak. There were also five experts on hand so the meeting went well over two hours.

Most of the public comment spoke out in favor of the project; opposition seemed to focus on the efficacy of nourishment and its potential environmental damage.

Reide Corbett from the Coastal Studies Institute discussed an ongoing study of the environmental effects of nourishment at the nourishment project at the S Curves on Pea Island. His findings were consistent with other studies—after the first year the beach recovers rapidly in years two, three and on.

Among the experts there was a consensus that beach nourishment at Pelican’s Watch would mitigate the loss of beach and protect homes for the next few years, although a more detailed study of what was happening on the beach and nearshore was needed to develop a longterm plan.

Beach Nourishment Coastal Studies Institute Hilton Garden Inn Kitty Hawk Reide Corbett Southern Shores

Wedding Expo Recap
Posted by Brindley Beach Vacations and Sales | Sunday, January 15, 2017

Handing out Brindley Beach beach bags at the Brindley Beach booth.

The Outer Banks Wedding Expo 2017 has come and gone, and it was a good time. The food was great—it always is; some of the musicians were playing as the crowds went by and there was a lot of information to gather in just two days.

Top prize for something different to eat this year has to go to Sugar Creek Restaurant on the Causeway in Nags Head. There chicken waffle—a mini waffle with a small piece of chicken, and a mini squirt tube of syrup—was good and innovative.

Even though this is a Wedding Expo,  and it’s really geared toward the bride—it began its life as a way to bring more weddings to the Outer Banks—the event is evolving.

Weddings are still at the heart of the annual gathering is all about, but increasingly events of all sorts are part of the mix: family gatherings, business meetings, corporate getaways. 

There is a certainly logic to the trend. 

Tracy Seal, our Brindley Beach Vacations Reservations and Event Home Specialist, points out that to the property owner there is very little difference between a family reunion and a wedding; both bring aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters and parents to the Outer Banks. And both of them usually bring 50 to 100 people to the area, all of them needing a place to stay, probably some catering and other services.

Brindley Beach does have event homes available for special occasions, but just as importantly, with over 600 properties available, we can keep families and guests close together.

Brindley Beach Nags Head Outer Banks Sugar Creek Wedding Expo

19th Annual Wedding Expo Saturday and Sunday
Posted by Brindley Beach Vacations and Sales | Friday, January 13, 2017

Brindley Beach beach bags were out in force at last year's Wedding Expo.

This is the big wedding weekend on the Outer Banks. The 19th Annual Outer Banks Wedding Association Wedding Expo is Saturday and Sunday from 9-3 and for couples planning on getting married on the Outer Banks, Kill Devil Hills is the place to be.

Taking place in at the combined locations of First Flight High School and First Flight Middle School, the Expo has just kept growing and growing as more and more couple discover the Outer Banks as a the perfect place to begin a life together.

There will be over 200 Outer Banks wedding professionals on hand to help with everything from planning, to videos, to catering and of course Brindley Beach Vacations is always available for to help find the perfect location for a wedding.

What began as a group of professionals working to help couple get married has grown to become an outstanding organization that can help with everything from a wedding to a professional event. 

So—even though the Wedding Expo is themed around weddings, keep a eye out for family gatherings or for businesses, the perfect place for a management getaway.

A couple of tips for attending. There are over 200 vendors on hand—have pen or pencil and a notepad ready. It is simply not possible to remember everything seen and heard two or three weeks later.

Comfortable shoes are a must. There is a lot of walking. Yes, the shuttle buses between the schools means there is no reason to walk back and forth, but there is still a lot of walking.

Bring a good appetite…in fact, don’t eat for days. Some of the best caterers and restaurants anywhere are located on the Outer Banks and many of them are on hand Saturday and Sunday handing out samples.

Mostly though—have fun.

Brindley Beach First Flight High School Outer Banks Outer Banks Wedding Association Wedding Wedding Expo

Dr. Jazz Cares at Kelly's
Posted by Brindley Beach Vacations and Sales | Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Here’s a chance to enjoy an evening of jazz and give to a great cause—Dr. Jazz and his Chez Says Band will be at Kelly’s Outer Banks Tavern raising funds for the Community Care Clinic of Dare County on Friday night.

Dr. Jazz, better known as Dr. John Sanchez, family care physician in Nags Head, is trumpet player and leader of the Chez Says Band and he’s been playing trumpet ever since he got to the Outer Banks ten or twelve years ago.

The Community Care Clinic is a resource for residents who have fallen though the cracks of the healthcare system and don’t have insurance. It is not a government agency—it does get some funds from the county but most of its funding comes from donations and grants and grants are becoming harder and harder to get.

This is the fourth year that Dr. Jazz has played at Kelly’s to help raise funds for the Clinic. But his with the Clinic doesn’t stop there—he has been volunteering his services one evening a month since 2005…and he’s not the only medical professional who has been pitching in. Along with a small paid staff, there is a regular rotation of medical professionals who volunteer their time.

The evening promises to be a great win/win—good jazz and a great cause.

Community Care Clinic Dr Jazz Kellys Outer Banks Tavern Outer Banks

Outer Banks Beauty in a Winter Storm
Posted by Brindley Beach Vacations and Sales | Sunday, January 8, 2017

The forecasters got it mostly right with the storm that just passed up by. 

There rain started Friday night and it was a cold, cold rain with a harsh north wind. The temperatures fell throughout the day, but much of the Outer Banks was below the snow line.

Riding north to Corolla, things began to change and driving through the village of Corolla about 2:00 in the afternoon it was snowing. 

The historic buildings of the Village are transformed in the snow; they seem to take on a look and a feel that belongs someplace to the north. The ground covered in a blanket of white stands in sharp contrast to the bright brick color of the Currituk Beach Lighthouse of the Whalehead Club.

The snow was falling hard and fast. A walk to the Currituck Sound by the Whalehead Club was an exercise in effort. The wind, howling off the sound, dropped the temperatures of an already cold day to bone chilling. Three layers of clothes, wool socks and boots were just a temporary guard against the wind and snow.

Yet it was beautiful…so beautiful looking across the pond to the boathouse, the lighthouse was a silhouette against the gray sky. The footbridge with snow falling so hard, seemed to rise above the ground with nothing to support it, becoming a path to some new and beautiful place. And over everything the Whalehead Club revealed itself like the castle of a king overseeing its domaine.

The snow will be gone soon—there’s not much of it and by Tuesday the daytime temperature will be well above freezing, but for that one moment, the summer paradise of the Outer Banks was transformed into a winter wonderland.

Corolla Currituck Beach Lighthouse Currituck Sound Outer Banks Whalehead Club

Winter Storm Bearing Down on Outer Banks
Posted by Brindley Beach Vacations and Sales | Friday, January 6, 2017

Winter storm bears down on the Outer Banks. Saturday Snow line forecast to move between Corolla and Kitty Hawk. Friday evening map.

The Outer Banks is in the bulls eye for some nasty weather this weekend. The only question is whether it’s going to be mostly rain with a little bit of snow, snow with a little bit of rain, some combination or sleet, freezing rain, rain and snow.

Looking at the forecast maps it looks as though Kitty Hawk to Nags Head is just about on the snow/rain line, so the forecast keeps moving from 1” to 1”-3” to 5”-8”. 

The latest—Friday night—is a very cold rain with about an inch of snow. 

Twenty-five miles north in Corolla, it’s a different story, with at least 3” forecast for Saturday, and maybe a bit more.

Whether it snows or almost snows, Saturday is going to be an interesting weather day. The wind is predicted to be from the the north to north east through the evening, with a windspeed around 30 mph with gusts to 50 mph. And seas will be running at 8’-12’. 

Since the storm formed over land, it’s not a true nor’easter, but it certainly has a lot of a nor’easter’s qualities.

The precipitation should be gone by Sunday but this storm is not done with its misery—the forecast high for Sunday in Kitty Hawk is 25; 24 in Corolla.

This is a temporary situation, though. By Tuesday the Outer Banks should be back to much more seasonal temperatures in the mid 50s.

Corolla Kitty Hawk Outer Banks Snow Winter Storm

Kelly's Outer Banks Tavern to Be Open Through the Summer
Posted by Brindley Beach Vacations and Sales | Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Will Kelly’s Outer Banks Tavern be sold or will it stay open. 

In September Mike Kelly reported he was in negotiations to sell his iconic Outer Banks Tavern. At that time, Mike let it be known that he thought a deal would be finalized by the end of the year.

That seems to have been put on temporary hold according to the Outer Banks Voice which quoted Mike as saying the negotiations are ongoing and that the buyer is still reviewing options.

Although the suitor of the 5-acre property has not been identified, it is known that the investor hoping to purchase the Kelly’s is European. Speculation has centered on European supermarket companies, including Trader Joe’s, that have been moving aggressively into the US market. 

The lot includes the Outer Banks Tavern and the Kelly Professional Building as well as the parking lot and associated grounds.

The town of Nags Head is currently developing a unified development ordinance. As part of the UDO, a proposal to require a conditional use permit for any structure over 15,000 square feet was debated at the most recent Commissioner’s meeting. Facing strong opposition from former mayors and local business leaders, including Mike Kelly, the proposal was voted down.

At this point in time, Mike is planning on a full schedule of entertainment through the upcoming summer season.

Kellys Outer Banks Tavern Mike Kelly Nags Head Outer Banks Outer Banks Voice

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