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Perfect Day for Super Bowl Sunday
Posted by Brindley Beach Vacations and Sales | Sunday, February 7, 2016

It’s a perfect day for Superbowl Sunday on the Outer Banks. The weather is downright miserable—winds howling from the northeast at 30 mph with higher gusts, it’s spitting rain, the air temperature says 45 but the reality feels much different.

It’s a great day to be with friends and family and be a part of one of the best traditions of modern America. Maybe it’s at home, a friends house or at local tavern watching on the big screen, but Superbowl Sunday has taken on a life of its own and it’s something that everyone seems to enjoy.

In the past we have been carefully neutral concerning the outcome of the game. But c’mon—this is the Outer Banks of North Carolina and the Carolina Panthers are about to devour the ponies from the Mountain Time Zone.

In fairness, there are certainly fans of that other team hoping they’ll gallop roughshod over our Panthers. We don’t think that will happen, but we’ll probably know by about 9:30 this evening.

In the meantime, sit back, relax, get the nachos and dip ready, have a cold soda or beer and remember—Go Panthers!

Carolina Panters Outer Banks Superbowl

Bonner Bridge Construction Begins-Mid Currituck Next?
Posted by Brindley Beach Vacations and Sales | Wednesday, February 3, 2016

There is no huge ceremony scheduled when it happens, but sometime late this month or early March, the first shovel full of dirt is going to going to be lifted out of the ground and construction for the replacement for the Bonner Bridge will officially begin.

Tied up in court for years as the environmental law firm Southern Environmental Law Center (SELC) tried to force NCDOT to build a bridge that could not be funded, the new bridge is moving forward under the terms of an agreement between the SELC and NCDOT signed last June.

The agreement, wide-ranging and complex, covers the entire corridor from the Bonner Bridge to Rodanthe and includes preferred alternatives and suggested remedies for areas particularly prone to ocean overwash and flooding.

Whether the SELC will be as accommodating in allowing the Mid Currituck Bridge to move forward is an open question. The first signs do not seem encouraging. 

Within a week of Governor McCrory’s announcement that the timetable for the bridge would be accelerated and with a planned construction start date of 2017, the SELC fired off a six page letter to NCDOT detailing their objections. 

Not stated in the letter but acknowledged in statement to a local newspaper is the underlying concern that improved access to Corolla “ . . . will encourage yet more development on the Outer Banks, particularly North of Corolla.” The quote, attributed to SELC Attorney, Kym Hunter, appeared in the Outer Banks Sentinel.

Bonner Bridge Corolla Mid Currituck Bridge Ncdot Rodanthe Selc

February OBX Things to Do
Posted by Brindley Beach Vacations and Sales | Sunday, January 31, 2016

It’s almost February and if there’s such a thing as the winter blues, this would be the time for it. Of course with edify like we had to day on the Outer Banks, there’s no point in hanging your head—you would just miss the sunshine and deep blue skies.

There’s a perception that when winter comes the Outer Banks rolls up the sidewalks and closes down for a couple of months. That is not accurate at all. Is it as busy as it is in the summer? Of course not. But there is still plenty to do.

At Glenn Eure’s Ghost Fleet Gallery in Nags Head the 38th Annual Frank Stick Memorial Art Show is in full swing. Featuring 75 original paintings, jewelry, sculpture and other expressions of creativity by local artists, it’s a great show and worth taking a look.

One of the most exciting things happening is the All Saints Episcopal Church After Dark at All Saints.

The list of classes is too substantial to even begin putting down—cooking classes, wine and beer discussions, classes on health and well-being, technology—the list is truly extensive.

Classes are only $20 which seems like a really good deal. Some of the more popular courses are filled already—especially the cooking classes, but there are still a lot of openings otherwise.

Contact All Saints Church at 252-261-6674 or register online.

All Saints Episcopal Church Frank Stick Ghost Fleet Gallery Nags Head Outer Banks Southern Shores

OBX Energy Forum Paints Positive Message
Posted by Brindley Beach Vacations and Sales | Friday, January 29, 2016

Panelists at Chamber of Commerce Energy Forum. (Lto R) Joe Brannan, NCEMC; Ivan Urlaub, NCSEA; Jim Bennett, BOEM

A box lunch from Jersey Mike’s in Nags Head and an afternoon at Jennette’s Pier on Thursday were the highlights of the Outer Banks Chamber of Commerce Energy Forum Luncheon.

Remarkable for the amount of information that was packed into two hours, what emerged over the course of the afternoon was that North Carolina takes a backseat to no one when it comes to renewable energy production.

In two areas in particular, the Tarheel state seems to be moving to the head of the class. According to Joe Brannan, the CEO of North Carolina Electric Membership Corporation (NCEMC), this state leads the nation in commercial solar power production. Although California still leads in total solar power, North Carolina has created incentives to build utility scale solar farms and the result is that in ten years the state has zoomed to the head of the class in that category.

The evidence is there to see. Currituck County has two solar farm—one in Shawboro and the other in Moyock—with a third in the permitting process now.

Wind energy is on the cusp of becoming an important part of the state’s energy portfolio. A wind farm is under construction outside of Elizabeth City now, and the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) is moving with surprising speed to hold leases sales not the Wind Energy Areas it has identified. 

Barely a year after the Kitty Hawk WEA was mapped, the agency is planning on holding a lease sale hoping to have a suitor in place by the end of the year, according to Jim Bennett of BOEM.

There are a lot of other areas of non-traditional energy production that North Carolina is moving into, including geothermal and the beginnings of studies examining the Gulf Stream as a potential resource.

An interesting afternoon giving a very real hope for a balanced approach to our energy future.

Boem Currituck County Jennettes Pier Ncemc Outer Banks Outer Banks Chamber Of Commerce Solar Farm Wind Energy

5 Reasons to Love the Outer Banks
Posted by Brindley Beach Vacations and Sales | Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean.

Here it is, the dead of winter and things are about as slow as it gets on the Outer Banks. Although summer is when most of our visitors come to stay, this is a great place to be at any time of the year. 

Here are five things we love about the Outer Banks

1. Sunsets

Actually sunsets and sunrises, but who wants to get up early enough to see a sunrise when vacationing? This is a great year ‘round activity.

2. Beaches

Outer Banks beaches are some of the best in the world—if you don’t believe us, just ask Dr. Beach. Whether beach combing or sunbathing, the sand and sound of the surf is a balm for frazzled nerves.

3. History

There is so much happening in the present day on the Outer Banks that it’s easy to overlook the rich history of the area. Yet story of our nation is found from Corolla to Ocracoke. There is, of course, the Wright Brothers Monument where controlled flight first occurred; the lighthouses trace the rise of the US as a great maritime nation; and the Whalehead Club harkens back to a time of hunt clubs and privilege that no longer exists.

4. Food

There are so many outstanding restaurants on the Outer Banks that we couldn’t possible list them all. Fresh seafood is everywhere, world-class chefs work in the kitchens and it’s hard to go wrong when ordering.

5. Beer

With three microbrews turning out some truly excellent beer, the Outer Banks gets a special notice in this category. Weeping Radish in Jarvisburg is the oldest brewpub in North Carolina, the Outer Banks Brewing Station serves outstanding food with a seasonally changing list of beers, and Full Moon Cafe in Manteo is the new kid on the block turning out some wonderful English style beers and ales.

Corolla Dr Beach Full Moon Cafe Microbrew Outer Banks Outer Banks Brewing Station Weeping Radish Whalehead Club Wright Brothers Monument

Minimal Effects of Blizzard of 2016 on OBX
Posted by Brindley Beach Vacations and Sales | Sunday, January 24, 2016

The morning after at Balchen Street in Kitty Hawk.

The great blizzard of 2016 is now history. Maybe it’s winter storm Jonas, maybe Snowzilla or just the blizzard of 2016, whatever it may be called, here on the Outer Banks we seem to have gotten off pretty easy.

The storm actually formed right off Cape Hatteras—that’s when it really began to intensify, but it appears as though the Outer Banks was just a little bit south of the worst of it and surrounded by water, it only snowed a little bit last night.

There were some effects—especially in Kitty Hawk. The good news is the two repairs that was done to the Beach Road last summer and late fall, held up very well. There was some minimal overwash along that strip of road, but nothing major. 

North of that, though, NCDOT did close the Beach Road because of overwash during high  tide with significant standing water in the road and sand covering everything. However, that was very temporary—crews had it cleaned up by early afternoon.

North and west of us, of course, the storm was much more intense, with record snowfall up and down the Eastern Seaboard. The heaviest snowfall, according to early reports was at Mt. Mitchell with is about as far west in North Carolina as it gets. Since Mt. Mitchell is the highest peak in the Eastern US, it stands to reason there would be a lot of snow. Still, 66” is a lot.

Life is getting back to normal on the Outer Banks. The sun is out, the wind has died down and temperatures seem to be returning to a much more reasonable mid 50s.

Beach Road Cape Hatteras Jonas Kitty Hawk Ncdot Outer Banks

OBX Winter Property Tips
Posted by Brindley Beach Vacations and Sales | Friday, January 22, 2016

We’ve settled into wintertime here on the Outer Banks. There’s a full fledged nor’easter howling outside our windows, we’ve had one good cold snap and even though there’s nothing too cold in the short term forecast, it’s a sure be at least one if not two more bouts of frigid air will come our way before spring.

Since winter is here, this is probably a good time to remind our Bridley Beach property owners about a winter tip to maintain your home and maybe keep those power bills a little bit lower.

Heat pumps are most efficient at a constant temperature, and if there are no plans for anyone to be in the house for a while, turn the thermostat down to 55 or 60 and leave it there. That will insure no damage to the interior, but won’t waste electricity when no one is home.

Winter is a great time to take improvements and repairs. If work has not already been schedule, don’t wait—spring is not that far away and we’re already filling up for the summer.

Brindley Beach Heat Pump Outer Banks Property Owner Winterize

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