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Heads Up on Outer Banks Independence Day Celebrations

Fireworks over the Whalehead Club.

Here at Brindley Beach Vacations we try to stay ahead of the upcoming events and give our guest the knowledge they’ll need to decide when to come to the Outer Banks.

This year, for the first time is quite some time the 4th of July falls on a Saturday, and since Saturday is a changeover day, we thought it makes sense to see how some of the venues are handling it.

The good news is there are celebrations on July 3rd and 4th so nothing will be missed.

The town of Duck is holding their Independence Day Parade on Friday July 3rd, which makes sense, since traffic is stopped for at least an hour in the morning to accomodate the parade route. That would not work on Saturday.

Later that evening, the Whalehead Club is holding their celebration, beginning at 5:00 on the green and going till the last firework rises into the night sky.

Manteo and Nags Head will be shooting off their fireworks on July 4th. Since the show doesn’t start until after sunset, that should give families time to check in and head back out without rushing.

Late June and early July is a great time to come to the Outer Banks. Give us a call, (877) 642-3224, or check us out online and let’s see if we can help you find your dream vacation.

Great OBX Taste of the Beach Events

We’ve been writing about the Outer Banks Taste of the Beach (March 19-22) for some time now, always with little bit of excitement. Now that March is almost upon us and the event is just three weeks away,  perhaps a small sampling of some of the event will help visitors who have not had a chance to make it to the TOB understand what it’s all about.

We’ve picked the events from the calendars of two of our favorite Outer Banks businesses—Trio in Kitty Hawk and Blue Point in Duck. Events are selling out, so if you see something interesting, don’t wait . . . make that reservation.

Trio is hosting some of the most innovative food and beverage tastings we’ve seen. There a “Beer and Cheese! Delicious New Pairings” Thursday evening and a “Beer Pairing Dinner” Friday evening.

“Discovering the Cheeses of Spain” from Noon - 1:30 on Saturday really caught our attention as something different. Sunday afternoon two simultaneous events: “Chocolate and Wine - Decadent Duo” and “Carolina Beer Lunch”. Both have been really popular in years past.

The Blue Point in Duck seems to be everyone’s favorite date night restaurant and the lineup of events looks fantastic. 

Thursday night it’s “Southern Throwdown”introducing  O’Connor Brewery beers to the Outer Banks. The throw down includes live music and some great traditional southern favorites.

Friday afternoon it’s a “Cooking Class with Sam McGann” the longtime chef/owner of Blue Point. Sam is one of the most respected chefs on the Outer Banks.

The big event is “The Blue Point 25th Anniversary Celebration Dinner” Saturday evening. Looks pretty exciting.

A nice gesture—a portion of the proceeds will benefit, Food for Thought, which provides needy kids with healthy meals during the school year.

The restaurant wraps things up with “Southern Sunday Brunch with Live Acoustic Music at The Blue Point”. 

Brunch includes ticed tea or coffee, Bloody Maries, Mimosas, Live Music, and lots of classic Southern breakfast food.

We’ll be posting some more of the TOB events in the coming days. Check back with us to see what else some of the best restaurants on the Outer Banks are doing.

Outer Banks Economy Showing Longterm Strength

Our Brindley Beach Vacations office in Corolla.

Looking over some of the data that’s coming out about the 2014 Outer Banks economy the conclusion has got to be that it’s looking pretty healthy. Occupancy up for the year; sales tax increased and food and beverage sales showed healthy growth.

That’s the visitation side of things. Just as important and in the long term perhaps even more important are the trends that seem to be emerging in the real estate market.

In Dare County land transfer taxes were up 23.7% for the year with almost $5.9 million in collections. That, of course does come with a couple of warnings about data. That number does not include activity in Corolla. It also doesn’t say where there sales occurred, or how many sales there were, but even with those caveats, it’s still hard to see those numbers as anything other that positive.

Every bit as significant, building permits are up 24.5% over 2013. Interestingly fewer permits were issued—a sign of a growing new home construction market. The logic goes, fewer permits but larger value, probably because more homes are being built.

Things do look good for the Outer Banks economy. For investors looking for an opportunity, the future is looking good. Give us a call at Brindley Beach Vacations at 877.642.3224 or check us out online.

The Outer Banks Sun Came Out-So Did the Seals

Harbor Seal swimming in Oregon Inlet. (Photo NEST)

The sun finally came out, temperatures got back to normal or maybe just a touch above for this time of the year, and it felt great to get outside on the Outer Banks. There were a couple of fishermen on the beach this morning, not sure that we saw them catching anything, but there have been some reports of puppy drum being landed.

We seem to have a new visitor to the Outer Banks beaches. There have been a surprising number of harbor seals showing up as reported by NEST. Most of them seem to head for a dredge island just inside Oregon Inlet called Green Island, but a few of them show up on our beaches.

They look cute and friendly, but they’re not. Cute, yes . . . maybe. Friendly, definitely not. Stay away if you see one.

It seems clear why they are on the Outer Banks beaches—they’re taking a break and after three or four day, they head back out to sea. What is not clear, though, is why they are suddenly here. In the past three or four of them would show up every winter, probably caught in the Labrador Current and were disoriented. There are too many of them coming here now for that to be the case.

Kick the Winter Blues with OBX Springtime Events

2014 Taste of the Beach Chowder Cook-off, sponsored by Coastal Provisions.

Just about everyone gets the winter blues at some point. Maybe not everyone—professional skiers probably dream about this time of the year, but for the rest of us, sometime about the end of February, we start to dream of longer days and warmer weather.

We all know its coming, but somehow it seems such a long way off just about now. 

However, since we do know it’s coming here are a few things to know about the Outer Banks in the springtime. 

We’ve already mentioned what a great Outer Banks week March 15-22 is going to be: Mike Kelly kicks things off with the Kelly’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Nags Head. Then the end of the week is the Taste of the Beach—as much a lovefest for the beauty of the Outer Banks as it is a four day culinary masterpiece.

The Duck and Wine Festival is coming up at the end of April—April 25.

May has so much happening in it that it almost looks like a summer list of events. A the ESA Regional surf championships at the beginning of the month, the Kitty Hawk Kites Hang Gliding Spectacular in the middle of the month and lots of music throughout.

Summer is a great time to visit, but spring is awfully nice too. 

We have some great rates on our Brindley Beach properties in the spring. Let us know what your needs are and we’ll do everything we can to make your visit to the Outer Banks the best you have ever had.

Summer Vacation Cure for Winter Blues

Now that winter has really set in, dreams of summer can’t be far behind. With temperatures even here on the Outer Banks failing to get to the freezing mark and 20 mph wind from the north, it’s going to be two day of dreaming of warm sunshine and soft sand.

There are many reasons why the Outer Banks is chosen time after time as one of America’s favorite family vacation destinations. The sand, the sea and the sunshine are certainly part of it, but there are so many activities ideal for the whole family that one week or even two weeks are hardly adequate to experience even a small part of what the there is to offer.

We can’t possibly list everything there is to do, but here’s a small sampling of activities to do other than soaking in some rays on a beautiful ocean beach.

Live theatre—the Lost Colony is the oldest outdoor theater production in the country; surfing and surf lessons; flying a kite; climb a lighthouse or three; go kayaking on the sound. 

This is just a partial list, and a very partial one at that, but it gives some idea of what a great place the Outer Banks is for a family vacation. 

At Brindley Beach we love this place we call home and hope you’ll contact us and let us help you make your next vacation something truly memorable.

Forget the February Chill-Taste of the Beach Coming Soon

Seagull flying over very rough seas, Sunday, 2/15.

It is cold! By any standard anyone wishes to apply, it is cold. It’s cold here on the Outer Banks; it’s cold in Pittsburgh where a friend sent a text saying it’s 4 degrees—and that’s not the wind chill. Or New York City were it’s 19 and falling.

The good news is spring really is just around the corner—and on the Outer Banks that means the Mike Kelly’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade. . . Sunday, March 15, followed closely by the Outer Banks Taste of the Beach, Thursday through Sunday, March 19-22. 

If ever there was an excuse to take a week off in the spring, this is it—the whackiest most fun parade imaginable, followed by a four days of amazing food and events. 

For anyone going to the Taste of the Beach for the first time—there are so many events that it is not possible to go to all of them. Our Brindley Beach recommendation: pick three or four a day, give yourself adequate driving time between events and have a great time. 

Two events in particular that have been highlights of the weekend are the Annual Chowder Cook-off at the Marketplace in Southern Shores on Saturday, and the Taste of the Beach Grand Tasting at Pamlico Jack’s on Sunday evening.


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