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A Reason to Rejoice
Posted by Brindley Beach Vacations and Sales | Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Beach Road on Sunday at high tide looking toward the Black Pelican. The Black Pelican is open and undamaged.

All things considered, we got off pretty easy here on the Outer Banks. That combination of a coastal low, Hurricane Joaquin pumping moisture into the Carolinas created conditions that were . . . interesting. Not as bad as conditions to our south, but interesting.

Living this close to the sea, you do learn to roll with the punches, but five days of strong—almost gale force—winds and 9-12’ seas does take it’s toll, so with the sun peeking through the clouds today it’s a reason to rejoice. 

The Beach Road north of the Black Pelican in Kitty Hawk is a mess and will have to be replaced, again. The sandbags that NCDOT put down to form a foundation for the road held up remarkably well; unfortunately the sand dune that was built did not, and the ocean overwashed the road undercutting it in a number of places.

The damage to the road really underlines the need for beach nourishment. Ben Sproul, Pivot Visuals, put togerther a video showing nourished beaches in Nags Head next to beaches that have not been nourished. Very telling and makes the point quite effectively.

The next few days look fantastic—bright sunshine, a breeze—not a wind— and temperature in the mid 70s. Plenty to do this weekend with the Mustang Music Festival on Friday and Saturday followed the Duck Jazz Festival on Sunday. Then next weekend’s Outer Banks Seafood Festival arrives on Saturday, October 17 at the Event Site in Nags Head. Great food, great music and a great time.

Beach Road Black Pelican Duck Jazz Festival Mustang Music Festival Ncdot Outer Banks Outer Banks Seafood Festival Pivot Visuals

Hairoics Turns 25
Posted by Brindley Beach Vacations and Sales | Sunday, October 4, 2015

Like the rest of the East Coast the Outer Banks seems to be locked in a cycle of high winds and very high seas. They just closed the Beach Road north of the Black Pelican—seems the ocean breached the dunes where the road had been repaired after the May storm.

But one of the things about living on the Outer Banks is you just learn how to roll with coastal storms, high surf, high winds, because it’s a part of life. 

Storm or no storm, Jim and Sandy Williams were going to celebrate 25 years of being in business with Hairoics on Friday night. The Kill Devil Hills salon and day spa offered a perfect respite from the weather . . . food from Red Sky Cafe in Duck, a little bit of wine and a wonderful gathering of friendly people.

Talking to the employees, it’s clear how the couple have managed to stay in business—and be successful—for so long. Everybody who works there truly enjoys coming to work every day. It seems like such a simple formula: keep your employees happy and they’ll help you succeed, but too often that simple key to success seems to get lost somewhere.

We have certainly found that is the case here at Brindley Beach Vacations. We’re proud that many of our employees have been with us for so long. We know it’s one of the reasons why we’re so successful.

And we agree with what Jim said as he was wrapping things up for the evening. “Twenty-five years. It’s been a wonderful journey.”

Brindley Beach East Coast Hairoics Kill Devil Hills Outer Banks Red Sky Cafe

Great Weather, Great Entertainment Coming
Posted by Brindley Beach Vacations and Sales | Friday, October 2, 2015

Now that we know Hurricane Joaquin is headed out to sea we can all heave a huge sigh of relief. It’s not as though Joaquin hasn’t thrown some effects our way, though. We’ve had some very heavy rains and after listening to meteorologist talk about surface lows, tropical moisture and the counterclockwise motion of storms it becomes pretty clear that the heavy rains we’re experiencing are at least partially Joaquin’s fault. 

The hurricane isn’t going to anywhere near the coast, but it is pumping moisture our way, so we’re getting a good dousing. It’s actually worse inland, so maybe we should be thankful for small favors.

We should be getting a one day break from the rain tomorrow, back in the soup for Sunday, then every forecast we’ve seen shows great conditions next week right through the weekend.

A good thing too, since next weekend is music festival weekend on the Outer Banks.

First up is the Mustang Music Festival Friday and Saturday October 10 and 11 at the Whalehead Club in Corolla. 

The festival started four years ago as a benefit concert for the Corolla Wild Horse Fund. It’s still a benefit concert, but proceeds also go to the Mustang Music Outreach that helps young musicians with lessons.

A very family friendly event, with great musicians, three stages so there is always music happening. Really worth checking out.

When the Mustang Music Festival ends, the Duck Jazz Festival begins, this year with headliner Maceo Parker. Held on the Duck Town Green, the setting is as good as it gets, the music is always great and it’s free.

Corolla Wildhorse Fund Duck Jazz Festival Hurricane Joaquim Mustang Music Festival Outer Banks Whalehead Club

DASH on the OBX
Posted by Brindley Beach Vacations and Sales | Tuesday, September 29, 2015

There’s a lot to do this coming weekend on the Outer Banks. We’ve already mentioned OBX Brewtäg coming up on Saturday, but just in case the weather doesn’t cooperate, there’s still a some great activities to check out.

The Coastal Studies Institute in cooperation with the Dare County Arts Council (DCAC) is hosting an extraordinary DASH (Design Arts Science Humanities) festival.

Thursday through Saturday the Surfalorus Film Festival will be showing at the CSI on Roanoke Island or Thursday and at the DCAC Gallery in Manteo Friday and Saturday. 

Surfalorus is an eclectic blending of surf shorts, feature length films and experimental imagery. Also at the DCAC Gallery, local surf film guru Mickey McCarthy will have his first gallery showing of his photography. It’s remarkable that Mickey has been shooting surfers for so many years and so well, yet this is the first show in which he has been featured.

DASH is more than just surf. Reuben Margolin, a kinetic sculpture is the keynote speaker, and there will be an exhibit of kinetic sculpture based on the wave data collected by CSI over the past year. The artwork has been created by College of the Albemarle students.

And that’s just a small part of everything that will be happening.

So rain or shine, there will be something to do on the Outer Banks this weekend.

Check out the full DASH schedule here.

Coastal Studies Institute College Of The Albemarle Dash Dcac Mickey Mccarthy Outer Banks Roanoke Island Surfalorus

OBX Brewtäg Takes Flight This October 3
Posted by Brindley Beach Vacations and Sales | Sunday, September 27, 2015

One of the best things about living on the Outer Banks is the weird, wacky and fun becomes part of the everyday way of things. That’s certainly the case this coming  Saturday October 3 as OBX Brewtäg takes flight at the Event Site in Nags Head.

The immediate question is what is Brewtäg? Which is as fair question. 

Based on the German Flutag, which translates to flying day, it’s a day of flight, but with a true Outer Banks twist. Rather than human flight, the object at Brewtäg is to see who can make a 1/6 keg of beer fly the farthest.

Sponsored by Kitty Hawk Kites and benefitting the Rogallo Foundation, this should be a day of laughter and smiles. 

The rules are simple—a team gets together and creates a glider that will fly an empty 1/6 keg the farthest. Entry fee is only $25 so look for a lot of teams and creativity.

There will be a beer garden open from noon-6:00 p.m., but don’t leave the kids at home. Anything sponsored by Kitty Hawk Kites is going to be a kid friendly event. Live music before the competition with Frozen Head & The Squirrels . . . they’re really good and a lot of fun and an after event party at the Outer Banks Brewing Station.

The Rogallo Foundation was founded in memory of Francis Rogallo, the inventor of the flexible wing that is used in hang gliders and paragliders. The Foundation works, “To stimulate and support research and education in aerodonetics, the science of gliding and soaring flight and low speed aerodynamics.”

Kitty Hawk Kites Nags Head Obx Brewtäg Outer Banks Outer Banks Brewing Station Rogallo Foundation

Weekend Weather Wreaks OBX Havoc
Posted by Brindley Beach Vacations and Sales | Friday, September 25, 2015

Competitor riding a wave Thursday at the ESA Eastern Surf Championships. Waves and Jennette's Pier in the background.

It’s a rare weekend on the Outer Banks when the weather causes the cancellation of major events—but it had to happen sometime and this was the week for it. 

The annual Outer Banks Bluegrass Festival has had spectacular weather for the first three gatherings and fourth time must have been the curse because that low that’s sitting off the coast made playing music on an outdoor stage impossible today and tomorrow. 

That’s real shame because Cory Hemilright, the local promoter had an amazing line up this year with Sam Bush, Rhonda Vincent and the Flame, the Steep Canyon Rangers (that’s Steve Martin’s Band) and Pam Tillis. But with winds forecast at 20-25 mph with higher gusts and 2+” of rain forecast both days, the show really could not go on.

The ESA Eastern Championships held on as long as they could, getting five days of competition in in some very trying conditions. The surf was running at 6-9’, the strong NE winds the waves were choppy and with no clear breaks, but somehow the competitors still got some great rides in. They finally gave up this afternoon when the rains hit full force and have decided against putting anyone in the water tomorrow.

Not really a cancellation rather a postponement, but the Dare County Arts Council Artrageous celebration of the arts in the community has been postponed until October 31. Yes, that is Halloween, so it should be a spooky good time.

Dare County Arts Council Esa Outer Banks Outer Banks Bluegrass Festival Pam Tillis Rhonda Vincent And The Flame Sam Bush Steep Canyon Rangers

Wet and Windy on the Outer Banks
Posted by Brindley Beach Vacations and Sales | Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Kitty Hawk Beach by the Black Pelican at 3:00 p.m. high tide.

It looks like we’re in for some interesting weather for about a week here on the Outer Banks. There’s a low pressure system sitting off the coast a couple of hundred miles south of Cape Hatteras and it’s windy, the surf is up and every once in a while the clouds spit out some rain. 

It’s not quite miserable, but it’s doubtful if anyone would call this great weather.

It has stayed surprisingly warm; the system came up from the south and it pulled warm air with it. The result? A lot of the characteristics of a nor’easter but the temperatures are warm and comfortable.

There’s a lot happening this week on the Outer Banks and the weather may reek havoc with schedules.

Saturday looks as though it’s going to be the worst of the days and the Dare County Arts Council Artrageous is scheduled from 10-3 at Rec Park in Kill Devil Hills. They’ll make a call on Thursday about whether to go forward with it or move it to the rain date of October 31.

The 4th Annual Outer Banks Bluegrass Festival at Roanoke Island Festival Park is Wednesday through Saturday. It’s going to happen rain or shine, so bring a rain coat, a waterproof tarp and enjoy some great music.

The ESA Eastern Championships at Jennette’s Pier have managed to get in a couple of rounds of competition. Waves are predicted at 6-9’ tonight, but are expected to come back down to 5-6’ tomorrow. However, with winds blowing at 20-25mph, conditions will be iffy.  

Next week is looking a lot better, and who knows? Maybe the forecast will prove wrong and we’ll get some great weather in.

Cape Hatteras Dare County Arts Council Esa Jennettes Pier Outer Banks Outer Banks Bluegrass Festival Roanoke Island Festival Park

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