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Mustang Music & Mustang Music Outreach
Posted by Brindley Beach Vacations and Sales | Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Anthony Rosano and the Conquerors at the Mustang Music Spring Jam.

The 4th Annual Mustang Music Spring Jam happened this Sunday, and honestly they just keep getting better and better. The weather was perfect, the bands amazing—just a great day to enjoy fantastic music and a good time.

But the Mustang Music Festivals—the big two day fall festival is coming up October 9-10 at the Whalehead Club—serve a greater purpose than providing great music and a day of entertainment.

Proceeds from the festivals fund two missions—the Corolla Wild Horse Fund and the Mustang Music Outreach program, and this year the kids from the Outreach program just killed it on stage. Playing classics from the Beatles and Rolling Stones to a suite of modern music.

Everything was great, but when the kids, playing under the name Last Days of May, broke out Bruno Mars’ Uptown Funk, they rocked our world. Tight musically, great vocals with some funky dancing thrown in. Wow! A great show.

It’s this type of community  involvement and seeing kids reach so far to realize their potential that makes us here at Brindley Beach Vacations proud to be a sponsor of the Mustang Music Festivals.

Brindley Beach Vacations Bruno Mars Corolla Wild Horse Fund Mustang Music Whalehead Club

43rd Hang Gliding Spectacular-OBX Tradition
Posted by Brindley Beach Vacations and Sales | Sunday, May 17, 2015

Kitty Hawk Kites bills itself as the oldest hang gliding school in the world, and that may be the case. Certainly their Hang Gliding Spectacular is the oldest competition around, the 2015 being the 43rd edition. 

It’s not a huge competition . . . more like a chance for old friends to get together and have and fly their giant kites off the dunes at Jockey’s Ridge State Park in Nags Head. But it is a lot of fun and for anyone who has been to three or four of them, it’s a great chance to catch up on who’s doing what and how the kids are doing.

And—get in some air time.

There is something sour-stirring about watching a hang glider lift into the air, it’s pilot attached to the 30’ wing by harness and a strap. The winds on Saturday were gusty and difficult but there were some great flights off the south facing ridge of Jockey’s Ridge,

Over the years the wind has reshaped the dune; at one time the steepest and tallest grade faced due east. Over the past five or six years, the wind has resculpted the dune so the steepest pitch faces into the dominant winds of spring and summer.

A great day on the dunes, bringing back wonderful memories.

Hang Gliding Spectacular Jockeys Ridge Kitty Hawk Kites Nags Head Outer Banks

Wright Memorial Bridge Reopens
Posted by Brindley Beach Vacations and Sales | Friday, May 15, 2015

Westbound traffic exiting the Outer Banks on the just-reopened span of the Wright Memorial Bridge.

The westbound span of the Wright Memorial Bridge has reopened. Depending on who’s spinning it, it’s either two day early a one year late.

Originally scheduled to be a one winter project, high winds a frigid temperatures slowed the repaving project down in the winter of 2013. Although the both spans of the bridge were open for peak season traffic last summer, it was clear to anyone leaving the Outer Banks that the project was unfinished.

Reopening on Wednesday of this past week, phase 2 of resurfacing work was completed a little ahead of schedule—two days., to be exact.

The $6.3 million NCDOT venture is part of a statewide plan to upgrade and maintain the state’s bridges. Using al atex-modified concrete designed to give a smoother ride and extend the road’s service life, the project also included replacing expansion joints in the bridge. Famous—or infamous—for its bumpy ride, especially in the summer, the new expansion joints should give riders a more even ride.

In other Outer Bank bridge news, the Mid Currituck Bridge appears to be back on track with all indications that it will be included in the next round of NCDOT project budgets voted on in June. The replacement for the Bonner Bridge is still in negotiations between the NCDOT and the Southern Environmental Law Center.

Bonner Bridge Mid Currituck Bridge Ncdot Outer Banks Southern Environmental Law Center Wright Memorial Bridge

Weekend Comes Alive on Outer Banks
Posted by Brindley Beach Vacations and Sales | Tuesday, May 12, 2015

We have some great entertainment on the Outer Banks coming up this weekend, and no matter where you’re staying while visiting, there is going to be something to do. 

The big event for the weekend is the 4th Annual Mustang Music Spring Jam at Mike Dianna’s Grill Room in Timbuck II in Corolla on Sunday, May 17.

Once again Mike Dianna has managed to find some of the best musicians around—national acts that don’t play to the large auditoriums but are really worth checking out. Two in particular this year rise to the surface—New Madrid with their tight southern rock sound combine a classic sound with some new ways to think about music.

Josh Daniel with the Mark Schimick Project takes bluegrass to a new place . . . somewhere between rock, bluegrass and blues. Tight and innovative. Really worth a listen.

At the other end of the Outer Banks the 43rd Annual Hang Gliding Spectacular will be happening all weekend at Jockey’s Ridge State Park in Nags Head. As much a celebration and reunion of hang gliding pilots who have been coming to the competition for years, events include a block party on Friday night at Kitty Hawk Kites and dune flying all weekend.

It’s all free, the setting is spectacular and it’s really interesting watching what some of the more experienced pilots can do with their gliders.

Corolla Josh Daniel Kitty Hawk Kites Mustang Music Spring Jam New Madrid Outer Banks Timbuck Ii

Living on the Outer Banks
Posted by Brindley Beach Vacations and Sales | Sunday, May 10, 2015

On the Kitty Hawk beach, May 10, 2015.

Living on the Outer Banks most of us have become reasonably skilled at interpreting tropical storm data. It’s out of necessity—the forecast says Tropical Storm Ana will make landfall somewhere on the South Carolina/North Carolina border and within 15 minutes the phone calls begin. 

“Are you alright? I heard you’re in the bulls eye for the storm,” is about how the conversation begins. 

“No, the Outer Banks is not in the bulls eye,” is the typical answer. “The place you’re talking about is 200 miles south and 70 or 80 miles west.” Then, trying to explain why no one is particularly concerned, the conversation continues. “It’s barely a tropical storm, it will be over land and by the time we feel the effects tomorrow, and the effect will be some rain and a little wind.”

Tropical Storm Ana is truly an oddball. It’s been 12 years since a tropical system developed in the Atlantic basin this early—that one named Ana, too, by the way—and conditions really are not right for this to be a large or powerful storm.

We’ll feel some impacst tomorrow—mostly rain with a little bit of wind—but really nothing different than Philadelphia, PA or Columbus, OH experiences when a front passes through.

Today has actually been a nice day. Warm, a little bit muggy . . . families have been on the beach, kids playing in the water—a typical Outer Banks day.

Atlantic Basin Columbus North Carolina Outer Banks Philadelphia Tropical Storm Ana

First Soundside Live Wows the OBX
Posted by Brindley Beach Vacations and Sales | Friday, May 8, 2015

First Soundside Live on the beach in Nags Head.

What a treat the first Soundside Live was. Originally it was going to be the inaugural event for the Outer Banks Event Site in Nags Head, but thanks to a really miserable winter, the site wasn’t ready in time.

So they moved it to the beach next to Jennette’s Pier, and wow (!) that was amazing. A beautiful setting, great weather and amazing music—it just doesn't get my better than that.

Music was provided by Roadkill Ghost Choir and Greensky Bluegrass. Roadkill is sort of a throw back to classic rock with complex composition and a very different sound. Greensky is a classic bluegrass band, but it’s like the musicians really wanted to be rock ’n’ roll stars so they have a really driving beat. Great stuff.

Perfect for the whole family and families were certainly out in force—it looked as though the age range was from infant to 80’s.

The surf was kind of rough, but that just added to the atmosphere . . . great music with the sound of crashing waves as a backdrop. Just past the surf zone a couple of kiteboarder were taking advantage of the northeast breeze and probably listening to the music at the same time.

It was all sponsored by the Outer Banks Visitors Bureau and with any luck it will become an annual event—although probably on the sound next year.

Greensky Bluegrass Jennettes Pier Nags Head Outer Banks Visitors Bureau Roadkill Ghost Choir Soundside Live

OBX News-Beach Road to Reopen by Friday
Posted by Brindley Beach Vacations and Sales | Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Fixing the Beach Road in Kitty Hawk.

It’s pretty clear that NCDOT has experience at fixing shoreline roads that get wiped out by the sea. After last week’s storm that breached the Beach Road just north of the Black Pelican in Kitty Hawk, a lot of people were scratching their heads, wondering how the road would be fixed.

Not, evidently, the engineers at NCDOT. 

On Tuesday they had a crew on site, cutting the old roadbed away from where the ocean had undercut it. The pieces from the old road will be used as a protective barrier underneath the new road that is being put into place.

Today (Wednesday) the dump trucks were on hand dropping sand over the damaged section of road, followed by bulldozer to smooth it out and pack it down.

According to the NCDOT, the road will be fixed and ready to go by Friday.

The last piece of the puzzle will be bringing in sand to rebuild the dune line that was destroyed. That, we have been told will take an additional two to three weeks, depending on how the permitting process goes. There is a little bit of concern about a subtropical system that looks like it’s going to bring some wind, rain and high seas to the area over the weekend, but hopefully, the repairs will hold.

Beach Road Black Pelican Kitty Hawk Ncdot Obx

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