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BrewTag 2016 Wonders-Can Beer Fly
Posted by Brindley Beach Vacations and Sales | Friday, October 21, 2016

Launching a beer keg at the 2015 BrewTag.

The 2nd Annual Outer Banks BrewTag is tomorrow, Saturday. Based on a simple premise, if mankind can fly why can’t beer, if last years’s event was any indication, this will be a blast.

The basic concept centers on strapping a keg of beer to some form of a glider, and letting it soar into the air from the top of a 25’ tower. Ok, it’s a 1/6 keg, because a full-sized keg would require engineering prowess far beyond the scope of contestants, but the idea is the same.

And the keg is empty because no one wants to waste beer.

Held at the Nags Head Event Site, conditions could be  a little challenging for the contestants tomorrow—we should have a stiff breeze from the northwest. A nice breeze at about 10 mph is idea; 15-17 mph that the forecast is calling for could be a challenge. 

Who knows—since no one has ever really done an academic study of the flight characteristics of beer in flight, maybe the stronger wind will have kegs soaring into the stratosphere.

Sponsored by the Outer Banks Visitors Bureau and Kitty Hawk Kites, BrewTag is a family friendly event. Lots of games and things for kids to do, great music, good food and mostly just a lot of fun.

Brewtag Kitty Hawk Kites Nags Head Outer Banks Visitors Bureau

Kelly's Charity Golf Tournament This Coming Monday
Posted by Brindley Beach Vacations and Sales | Wednesday, October 19, 2016

It had to put off a week thanks to Hurricane Matthew, but the 23rd Kelly’s Hospitality Group Annual Charity Golf Tournament is still on. The date has been moved from October 17 to October 24, but one of the longest running—if not the longest running—charity golf tournaments on the Outer Banks is still happening.

Held at Nags Head Links, right now the weather is looking as good as it gets. Temperatures are forecast to be in the low 70s with sunny skies and a light breeze from the west. 

That light breeze is important to know about—Nags Head Links is a links style course with the back nine open to Roanoke Sound. A light breeze should be manageable; anything over that can add two or three stories to a score.

The tournament has been remarkably successful over the years, raising almost $350,000 for the Outer Banks Community Foundation. The OBCF works exclusively with local charities and nonprofits, making sure money donated to the Outer Banks stays on the Outer Banks.

The OBCF has taken a lead role in helping local families in need after Hurricane Matthew. Working with Interfaith Community Outreach, 100% of all funds donated are going to help put lives back together. They are so committed to making sure it’s 100% that they are absorbing the credit card fees for donations to the Disaster Relief Fund. 

Hurricane Matthew Kellys Hospitality Group Nags Head Links Outer Banks Outer Banks Community Foundation

Seafood Fest-A Great Time in the Sun
Posted by Brindley Beach Vacations and Sales | Sunday, October 16, 2016

Sampling seafood at the 5th Annual Outer Banks Seafood Festival.

This was the fifth year for the Outer Banks Seafood Festival and this one might have been the best yet. Of course the weather helped wit blue skies, a nice breeze from the north to keep the temperatures reasonable.

The food was as good as it’s always been. Imaginative, well-prepared and the organizers and restaurants have really worked on getting the food into the festival goers hands more quickly so the wait wasn’t anything like it was in the first couple of years.

Adding to the feel of celebration was this was the first chance we had to come out and celebrate the Outer Banks since Hurricane Matthew roared by. It was a good feeling to see so many people having fun; seeing families out, smiles everywhere with some really fun stuff to do. The mullet toss was, well…going for the record distance throwing a mullet. Certainly something not seen at every Seafood Festival.

We haven’t gotten quite all the way back after Matthew. The Outer Banks didn’t experience anything near the damage that the interior of North Carolina did, but there was still some significant flooding and the cleanup from that is still going on.

The Outer Banks Community Foundation has a fund dedicated to helping the Dare County residents in their time of need.The OBCF even picks up the credit card charges instead of deducting them from the donation.

Festival organizers have pledged to donate a portion of the event’s proceeds to the relief fund. 

Dare County Hurricane Matthew Outer Banks Outer Banks Community Foundation Outer Banks Seafood Festival

OBX Halloween Film Fest Coming Soon
Posted by Brindley Beach Vacations and Sales | Friday, October 14, 2016

We’re always looking for something new and different on the Outer Banks and we think we found something. October 27-29, the First Halloween International Film Festival this way comes.

Matt and Sue Artz deserve a lot of credit for bringing this to the Outer Banks. It’s something different, it will be a lot of fun and the films look really good.

They have managed to dig out some local talent including “File #27959” filmed entirely on the Outer Banks. For the non local readers 27959 is the zip code for Nags Head. We’re not sure what the movie is like, but the title alone has our interest.

There is also a sci-fi adventure film, “Sol” being screened Thursday night that was filmed entirely on the Outer Banks.

The lineup is filled with movies from North Carolina—opening night is NC night, as well as some international movie.

Adding to the quality of the inaugural First Halloween International Film Festival, Matt and Sue have managed to snag a number of directors, actors and producers to talk about their films.


Thursday , Oct. 27-Official Selections:

1:00pm – Made in NC Short Film block

THE TRANSGRESSOR trailer (World Premiere, filmed on Outer Banks)  [3 min]

POSSESSION  [30 min]


DARK HEAT  [7 min]

2:00pm – HANK VS. THE UNDEAD (filmed in NC)  [1:32]

3:30pm – Made in NC Short Film block

WATCH  [5 min]

Followed by Q&A with the filmmakers

POCOSIN  [5 min]

Followed by Q&A with the filmmakers

MISREAD (filmed partly on Outer Banks)  [3 min]

Followed by Q&A with director Kaitlin Suggs

4:15pm – FILE #27959 (World Premiere, filmed on Outer Banks)  [40 min]

Followed by Q&A with director Rob Jenkins

5:15pm – ONE LAST SUNSET REDUX (filmed in NC)  [1:20]

Followed by Q&A with director Kevin Richmond

7:00pm – YOU FOUND ME (World Premiere; filmed in NC)  [1:44]

Featured Selection:

9:00pm – SOL (filmed on the Outer Banks, NC)  [1:46]

Friday, Oct. 28-Official Selections:

1:00pm – IN APRIL (Canada)  [2:00]

3:00pm – Horror/SciFi short film block

MONSTERS  [13 min]




MANDRONE (World Premiere)  [15 min]

4:00pm – HEART’S DESIRE  [8 min]

Followed by Q&A with director Gabriel Gran

4:30pm – THE CLEANSING HOUR  [19 min]

5:00pm – SHADOW OF THE MISSING (UK/US)  [1:26]

Followed by Q&A with director Jamie Lee Smith

7:00pm – PARANORMALICE  [2:00]

Followed by Q&A with cast and crew

Featured Selection:

9:30pm – NIGHT OF THE SLASHER  [12 min]

After Party free screenings at Outer Banks Brewing Station:

10:30pm – ENJOY THE SHOW  [16 min]


Saturday , Oct. 29-Official Selections

1:00pm – International short film block

BAD ACID (U.S. Premiere; UK)  [18 min]

CANDY SKIN (Canada)  [18 min]

FRANK THE RIPPER (Canadian filmmaker)  [10 min]

WASTE OF A FALL (Canada)  [6 min]

2:00pm – TIMES LIKE DYING (filmed in NC)  [23 min]

Followed by Q&A with actor/producer Anthony Reynolds

3:00pm – I’LL HAVE ANOTHER  [23 min]

Followed by Q&A with director Bill Brock

3:45pm – Horror short film block

STICKS  [18 min]

KILLENNIAL  [10 min]


4:30pm – Halloween short film block




NOT ALONE  [9 min]

PRINCESS  [17 min]

6:00pm – THE BARN  [1:36]

Featured Selection:

8:00pm – HONEYSPIDER  (filmed in NC)  [1:15]

Halloween Film Festival Outer Banks

Saturday Looks Great for Outer Banks Seafood Festival
Posted by Brindley Beach Vacations and Sales | Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The 5th Annual Outer Banks Seafood Festival is coming up this Saturday. The weather is looking just about ideal, the entertainment with Mojo Collins and the Crowd among others should be great and the food—the fresh seafood dishes from local chefs—will be spectacular.

This is a much needed balm after a week of cleanup. Hurricane Matthew dumped a lot of rain on us and we’re still cleaning up here and there, but by the weekend, everything will be ready.

The Seafood Festival just keeps getting better and better. Held at the Event Site in Nags Head, the setting on Roanoke Sound is perfect for a celebration of the heritage and culture of the oldest industry on the Outer Banks.

An event that has something for everyone—beyond some great food, the Seafood Festival has kids activities scheduled throughout the day, bands from opening to closing and a craft fair featuring artwork from local artists.

There is no onsite parking. There is remote parking at four locations with shuttles running regular routes. Organizers are promising that shuttles will “run approximately every half hour or less.”

Parking locations:

Whalebone Park [Blue Lot]

In the 7200 block of S. Virginia Dare Trail, across from Jennette’s Pier, Nags Head, 10:00am – 7:00pm. (8:00 a.m. for vendors)

Nags Head Town Hall [Red Lot]

Handicap Parking ONLY

5401 S. Croatan Hwy. Nags Head, 10:00am – 6:30pm.

First Flight High School, Kill Devil Hills [Green Lot]

100 Veterans Drive, Kill Devil Hills, 10:00am – 7:00pm

Nags Head Elementary School, Nags Head [Gold Lot]

3100 S Wrightsville Ave, Nags Head, 10:00 am – 6:30 pm

Hurricane Matthew Nags Head Outer Banks Outer Banks Seafood Festival Whalebone

Hurricane Matthew-Unwelcome Guest Leaves
Posted by Brindley Beach Vacations and Sales | Sunday, October 9, 2016

Kitty Hawk Pier, Sunday October 10, tail end of the impacts of Hurricane Matthew on the Outer Banks.

Hurricane Matthew was an unpleasant and unexpected surprise. After more than a week of forecasting, collection of data and track guidance, when it came to forecasting what was going to happen on the Outer Banks, the National Weather Service and everyone else seemed to get it at most half right.

Up until the last day or so, the National Hurricane Center was remarkably accurate in their predictions, and those predictions included Matthew passing south of the Outer Banks, heading out to sea, then curling around and moving south as a very weakened system.

Up until Saturday morning that was the prediction and with that prediction we knew were were going to get a lot of rain and some strong winds—maybe even tropical storm force.

And then Matthew decided to confound everyone and track ENE almost parallel to Hatteras Island and instead of losing its strength it became an extratropical system and, although far out to sea, it still has hurricane force winds in its core. 

The result was, the Outer Banks got even more rain than expected and much stronger winds--winds approaching hurricane force. We’re still trying to figure out just what those winds were, but somewhere around 65-70 seems about right and there were certainly some gusts higher than that.

Nonetheless, we seem to have come through it in pretty good shape, although Dare County officials are still assessing damage and have issued a 7:00 p.m. curfew for tonight. There is standing water everywhere, with large portions of the Beach Road impassable, and NCDOT will have to fix the road by the Black Pelican again. There was some ocean overwash and a lot of downed trees. 

However, compared to what places south of us and especially what Caribbean countries went through, we seemed to have come through the experience pretty well, if a bit surprised by the impacts.

Black Pelican Dare County Hurricane Matthew National Hurricane Center Ncdot Outer Banks

OBX Weathers Matthew
Posted by Brindley Beach Vacations and Sales | Saturday, October 8, 2016

What's happening with Hurricane Matthew and why the Outer Banks are affected by a dying storm.

Well, this has been an interesting weekend on the Outer Banks—there’s no doubt about that. Right now there’s a lot of rain and it’s a little windy, but about 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning, the forecast calls for things to get noisy—winds picking up to tropical force with some gusts around 50-55mph.

It’s all thanks to Hurricane Matthew, which is rapidly losing strength but still has some pop in it.

The Outer Banks is not going to get the full effects of the storm but it’s still going to be windy and rainy for about 12-15 hours.

There is widespread agreement that the center of circulation is going to pass well south of the Outer Banks as it heads out to sea—which begs the question, “Why then will the Outer Banks be impacted by heavy rains and tropical force winds?”

There are a couple of things that are happening. 

Matthew is actually starting to fall apart, but there is still some circulation. However, without a strong central core, the shape of the storm has become elongated and, as the National Hurricane Center writes in their 5:00 p.m. forecast,  “As Matthew's structure changes, the system's strongest winds will shift to the back side of the circulation.”

The Outer Banks, unfortunately is on the back side of the circulation. There won’t be any hurricane force winds and storm surge, if any, will be one to two feet, but it still has brought things to a halt for the weekend.

Hurricane Matthew National Hurricane Center Outer Banks

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