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BrewTag 2016 Wonders-Can Beer Fly
Posted by Brindley Beach Vacations and Sales | Friday, October 21, 2016

Launching a beer keg at the 2015 BrewTag.

The 2nd Annual Outer Banks BrewTag is tomorrow, Saturday. Based on a simple premise, if mankind can fly why can’t beer, if last years’s event was any indication, this will be a blast.

The basic concept centers on strapping a keg of beer to some form of a glider, and letting it soar into the air from the top of a 25’ tower. Ok, it’s a 1/6 keg, because a full-sized keg would require engineering prowess far beyond the scope of contestants, but the idea is the same.

And the keg is empty because no one wants to waste beer.

Held at the Nags Head Event Site, conditions could be  a little challenging for the contestants tomorrow—we should have a stiff breeze from the northwest. A nice breeze at about 10 mph is idea; 15-17 mph that the forecast is calling for could be a challenge. 

Who knows—since no one has ever really done an academic study of the flight characteristics of beer in flight, maybe the stronger wind will have kegs soaring into the stratosphere.

Sponsored by the Outer Banks Visitors Bureau and Kitty Hawk Kites, BrewTag is a family friendly event. Lots of games and things for kids to do, great music, good food and mostly just a lot of fun.

Brewtag Kitty Hawk Kites Nags Head Outer Banks Visitors Bureau

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