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Christmas Spirit but not White Christmas for OBX
Posted by Brindley Beach Vacations and Sales | Wednesday, December 21, 2016

We’re not going to have a white Christmas here on the Outer Banks. There was a brief cold snap last week and it probably raised the hopes of the eternally optimistic and children, but the plain fact is, snow doesn’t happen very often around here…especially in December.

Checking back over the records, the last time the Outer Banks had a white Christmas was 1989. Six to eight inches fell locally. South of here—Wilmington, it was more like  12”-15.

It is a pretty rare occurrence for coastal North Carolina. Checking the records, it looks as though the last time before that there was snowfall at Christmas on the Outer Banks was 1874. Assuming we can expect one white Christmas every 115 years, it looks as though some lucky kids will be making snowmen over Christmas break in the year 2104.

Of course, snow is not the reason our guests come to the Outer Banks over the holidays.

There is a beauty to the Outer Banks in the winter that can be transcendent; the sea foam along the beach looks like snow sometimes, and if it’s not cold enough to snow, with a north wind blowing off the sea, the air is still chilled but refreshing.

The waters of the sounds are filled with the raucous calls of geese, duck and every kind of migratory waterfowl. In the quiet of a maritime forest the last leaves of autumn cling to branches.

There is, also, a spirit of generosity and giving that is a part of our community. Perhaps it is a little more apparent at this time of the year, but it’s always there and it is one more reason to spend some time on the Outer Banks.

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