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Dune Shops in Kitty Hawk Becomes Food Central
Posted by Brindley Beach Vacations and Sales | Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Dune Shops at MP 4.5 just south of our new Brindley Beach offices in Kitty Hawk is the original and first shopping center on the Outer Banks—and in a lot of ways it looks it. The architecture is clearly from the 1970s, it’s a small strip center with small shops . . . nothing at all like what we’ve come to associate with a mall or shopping center today.

Then a couple of years ago the folks who own Cosmo’s Pizza in Southern Shores took over the Dune Shops, Cosmo’s wife, Josephine Caggese, opened Josephine's Sicilian Kitchen, the place got a facelift and things were looking up.

Suddenly the Dune Shops seems to be the place on the Outer Banks for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Josephine’s serves amazing Italian cuisine, Necla (Nay-shla) Rader opened Outer Banks Juice and Java—great coffee, excellent breakfast and lunch and Chef Pok who had been with the Outer Banks Brewing Station opened Pok’s Art with his brother Art serving some traditional and very unique Asian fusion dishes. 

The latest is Dolce Bakery opening next door to Pok’s Art. We haven’t had a chance to sample yet, because they’re not open, but it really does give the impression that suddenly this almost forgotten strip center in Kitty Hawk has suddenly become the place for foodies to go.

Dune Shops Josephines Sicilian Kitchen Kitty Hawik Outer Banks Outer Banks Brewing Station Poks Art

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