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OBX BrewTag Proves Beer Can't Fly
Posted by Brindley Beach Vacations and Sales | Sunday, October 25, 2015

Loonies on Tap posing before their historic 20'9" flight.

Proving conclusively that the ability of beer kegs to fly is marginal at best, the 1st Annual Outer Banks BrewTag proved to be a great time on an ideal Outer Banks fall day.

The weather was a far cry from the high winds and rain that forced postponement of the original day back on October 3—not a cloud in the sky yesterday, pleasant temperatures and a nice ENE breeze.

It was that breeze that proved the undoing to the flight crews. The object was to build a glider, attach a mini keg to aircraft and launch it from a 20’ tower. The problem was the wind, which was blowing around 15mph, got under the nose and lifted the glider backwards and there often wasn’t much of a flight.

The two gliders that did best were based on the design of hang gliders—which seems fitting since the proceeds from the day were going to benefit the Rogallo Foundation, and Mr. Rogallo holds the patent on the Rogallo wing, the first flexible wing ever invented and the direct ancestor of hang gliders, paragliders and such.

With a name like BrewTag there was of course beer, and a number of local breweries as well as a couple of larger craft breweries were on hand.

Kitty Hawk Kites and the Outer Banks Visitors Bureau were the main sponsors and any event Kitty Hawk Kites is involved with is kid friendly and this was no exception with the Kidzone, a climbing wall and a mechanical Shark from Kitty Hawk Water Sports.

Advertised as the first Annual BrewTag this is certainly an event to look for next year.

Brewtag Kitty Hawk Kites Outer Banks Outer Banks Visitors Bureau Rogallo Foundation

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