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Outer Banks Winter-Balmy Only by Comparison
Posted by Brindley Beach Vacations and Sales | Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Snow at Sandy Run Park in Kitty Hawk last year. We may be seeing more of this over the next few days.

Hard to think of the Outer Banks forecast high of 27 for tomorrow as positively balmy, but after surveying cities from Ohio to the Atlantic Ocean that’s the inevitable conclusion. That’s still cold.
There’s a light dusting of snow forecast and the kids may get a two hour break from school tomorrow morning . . . which for anyone living in the Northeast sounds ludicrous. The problem isn’t the snow though. With the winds howling from the west, the waters of the Outer Banks sounds flood low lying roads along the shoreline and buses can’t get through.
Things will be slow tomorrow. Heat pumps will be running, hopefully everyone remembers to do what they need to do to keep pipes from freezing which is a good reminder to our property owners. If you are not going to be renting over the winter, your house should be winterized. If you have not done so yet, call us ((877) 642-3224) and we’ll check for damaged pipes for you. And then, let’s get it winterized.
If pipes burst, plumbing costs to replace the pipes will be only one part of the repairs. There is also a good chance that water will damage walls, and there may be additional water damage in other areas as well. 
Here at Brindley Beach we’re looking forward to the best year we’ve ever had. There is a lot that goes into success in property management, and certainly a well-maintained property is the biggest piece of the puzzle. 4

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