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Rhonda Vincent Comes to Roanoke Island Festival Park
Posted by Brindley Beach Vacations and Sales | Tuesday, June 28, 2016

If there is a queen of bluegrass music Rhonda Vincent wears the crown. Winner of the International Bluegrass Music Association female performer of the year seven times, nominated for six Grammys, Rhonda Vincent and her band, The Rage, are a remarkable phenomenon in music.

Coming this Friday to the Indoor Theatre at Roanoke Island Festival Park, there are very few tickets left for the Intimate Evening with Rhonda Vincent, but for anyone looking for a great evening of music, finding tickets would be worth the effort.

Rhonda Vincent and the Rage play bluegrass—but this is bluegrass but it’s bluegrass with a twist. Vincent’s vocals would elevate any music—powerful yet controlled, her voice would add to any song. 

The musicians of The Rage are more than excellent. Vincent once described them as “world class” and the description is accurate. They’re playing bluegrass, but these are musicians that would be considered the best of the best no matter what genre they were performing.

And then there are the arrangements. Certainly recognizable as bluegrass, but some of the solo leads they do go into music that’s not typical of bluegrass and there are a few subtle but welcome changes from traditional chord progressions.

They also bring out some different music occasionally. Vincent started her solo career in country music; it wasn't a good fit for what she wanted to do, but she has the voice for it and it sounds great when she does.

Bluegrass Grammy Rhonda Vincent Roanoke Island Festival Park

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