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The fun begins at the northern end of Highway 12 where the pavement ends and the sand begins. A 4 wheel drive vehicle and an adventurous spirit are all that’s required to explore these beach communities with no paved roads, hotels or restaurants. What you’ll find is an uncomplicated, eleven mile expanse of wide, serene beaches, dense maritime forests and marshy sound side coves. The refreshing waters invite thousands of visitors to spend their family beach vacations where the wild mustangs roam free.

Convenient beaches for families because it’s not necessary to walk to the beach with all your beach gear. Your 4 wheel drive vehicle brings you out to the beach where you can park right on the beach and enjoy the luxury of having everything at your fingertips!

Browse our 4 wheel drive vacation rental homes, find the perfect vacation home for you and your family and start planning your 4 wheel drive beach adventures today!

Driving on the Beach

The thrill of driving on the beach is a rare privilege that few east coast beach vacation destinations can offer. On the Outer Banks, beach drivers will find miles of shoreline to explore.

Wild Horses

Descended from the Spanish Mustangs, the Corolla Wild Horses have roamed across the Currituck Outer Banks for approximately 400 years. Over 100 wild horses roam freely on the Northern Beaches of Corolla and are most commonly found in the 4 wheel drive areas.

Natural Landscape

Enjoy an 11 mile stretch of shoreline that is open and full of wild horses. There are no grocery stores, shopping centers or commercial business, just small clusters of vacation homes and lots of beautiful nature and wildlife.

Carova Beach

The northernmost Outer Banks community only accessible by the unpaved beach. Although Carova is called a town it’s really a few neighborhoods accessible only by 4 wheel drive vehicles. Vacationers who love the beach and don’t need all the extras flock to the area soaking up the private beaches and enjoying the peace and quiet.

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Swan Beach

If you really want to get away from it all, you will love this area for its serenity and beauty. Just 3 miles north of where the paved road ends, this gorgeous stretch of shoreline offers adventurous guests a break from the ordinary.

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Ocean Beach  •  Seagull Beach  •  Swan Beach  •  Swan Island Estates  •  North Swan Beach  •  Carova

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