Bluefin tuna being hauled into Van Fleet boat. Photo Van Fleet/Field and Stream.

Bluefin tuna being hauled into Van Fleet boat. Photo Van Fleet/Field and Stream.

It took two and a half hours for the father and son duo to haul in that monster bluefin tuna last week. The effort was worth it—the tuna weighing in at an estimated 1000 pounds.

It was about 8:15 in the morning when the father and son duo, Josiah VanFleet and nine-year-old Zeke, when they hooked the fish. They were pretty far off the coast—about 45 miles at the time.

Even after they had the fish reeled in, there was another two hours of labor as the crew worked to get it on the boat which was a single engine 22’ craft.

They took the fish to the Oregon Inlet Fishing Center, but the scales there were broken so and weight can’t be given. The tuna, though measured 114.5” in length. US Coast Guard personnel on hand estimated the weight at 1000 pounds based on its size.

Bluefin Tuna Records

If the fish was 1000 pounds it would be a new North Carolina record for blue fin tuna. The current record is 877 pounds set on St. Patrick’s Day, 2017.

Even if the scales were working, the tuna would not have qualified as a new record. Because more than one person was working to reel the fish in, it would not be considered a sport fishing record. The age of the anglers working together is not considered relevant to whether more than one fisherman was on the line.

According to reports, at one point the reel broken and Van Fleet and the crew had to crimp new line together on a new reel.

According to Van Fleet, a lot of tuna steaks went to a lot of people.

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