Yes, there were lines at the 1st Annual Outer Banks Food Truck Showdown, but patience was rewarded with great food.

Looking at the weather report, the first annual Outer Banks Food Truck Showdown looked a bit doubtful, but the thunder and lightning held off, and the occasional light rain didn’t seem to stop anyone.

To say attendance at the event exceeded expectations would be an understatement. By 1:30 the parking lot at the Nags Head Event Site, including the overflow area, was filled and even with 12 food trucks on hand there were lines everywhere.

Great food though, even if it was not possible to get to everything. To go along with the food there was really good music. 

The kids from the Mustang Music Outreach program were on hand and they keep getting better and better. Tighter within music within the groups, musicianship keeps improving…these kids are on their way.

Everyone has their favorite and the Ramble was on hand, a local rock trio that is really good. Worth checking out when they’re appearing onstage almost anywhere.

The real star though was the food, and what was being served highlights how skilled Outer Banks chefs are. Because we couldn’t get to every food truck—too much food and too little time kept that from happening—it’s difficult to pick a winner. However, the cocoanut shrimp served up at the Sugar Shack was outstanding.

The Outer Banks food trucks are not quite the same as is often seen in large cities. Except for Tubbs Hotdogs, no one has a permanent site. Actually for much of the Outer Banks local ordinances would make it difficult to drive a food truck to a site and open for business. 

What the the Outer Banks food trucks represent are a way to bring some of the best local food to a show or concert, or sometimes as a catering aid.

With the success of the 2018 inaugural event, we’re sure there will be more. That’s great. I little tweaking around the edges to get food to the hungry public a bit faster, but other than that, a fantastic day!