Mike Kelly’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade is the whackiest, most fun parade imaginable. It has marching bands, dogs and yes some ponies, a unicyclist, lots of cars, floats…some of them professional…some not quite as professional.

If there is an overriding theme, it’s participate and have some fun.

The parade is a little bit earlier than normal this year—Sunday, March 12.

As usual, its on the Beach Road running from Bladen to Driftwood Street. About a mile in length.

After the parade there’s always a great part just across the street at Kelly’s Outer Banks Tavern with free hotdogs as long as they last and some great music. It’s family friendly party—last year a Girl Scout troop was selling Girl Scout cookies—and it’s a great way to finish the day.

The weather is always a little bit chancy in August on the Outer Banks, so for anyone planning on being there, bring an extra jacket just in case. The long range forecast looks good right now, but things may change.

This will be he 28th Annual Kelly’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade and Mike mentioned once that he’s never had to cancel one, so expect the parade to go one sun, rain, fog or early springtime chill.

Later in the month, looks for the Outer Banks Taste of the Beach, March 23-26.