Kites flying at the Wright Brothers Monument on Saturday for the 39th Annual Wright Kite Festival.

Saturday was a surprisingly wonderful day on the Outer Banks. Surprisingly because the weather forecast didn’t look all that good right up until the sun broke out early morning.

That was a good thing, too, because it created almost ideal conditions for the Kitty Hawk Kites Wright Kite Festival at the Wright Brothers Monument in Kill Devil Hills.

It’s actually a two day affair, and the rain held off on Sunday, but the winds didn’t cooperate very well—they were pretty weak all day long.

But Saturday, there was a nice steady breeze, about 10-12 mph from the WSW and it created almost perfect flying conditions.

There was no doubt something was happening at the Monument for anyone driving along the Bypass. Huge kites filled the sky with color and dragons and fish.

Closer to the event, there was lots to do…as there always is a the Wright Kite Festival. This is the 39th Annual version of the festival, and the folks at Kitty Hawk Kites have pretty much figured out how to make this a great day for the family.

Kids get to make kites. They’re sled kites, a simple design from a kit and the great thing about them is they fly easily. Tell a six-year-old to hold the string and run into the wind and the kite will shoot right up into the sky.

There were also plenty of demo stunt kites on hand for anyone who wanted to see what flying a two-line or four-line kite was like.

Most fun kite to fly? That's subjective, but the folks from HQ Kites were there with a 1.8 meter power kite. Amazing how much wind and energy that kite captures and how strong the pull is when it’s in the air.

The Wright Kite Festival is always held the weekend after the 4th of July. If you’re on the Outer Banks at that time next year, plan on checking it out.