A lot of oyters to shuck at the Big Curri-Shuck.

For a lot of people Thanksgiving is their favorite holiday, the requirements fairly simple—eat a lot of food and hang out with family and friends. Which makes the annual Big Curri-Shuck the Saturday after the holiday the ideal way to wrap things up.

The Big Curri-Shuck held at Sanctuary Vineyards in Jarvisburg has a simple premise—steam 100 or 124 bushels of oysters and few dozen bushels of crab, toss everything out on long tables and let 800-900 guests eat their fill. For good measure, through in some really good eastern North Carolina barbecue, local beers and wine from Sanctuary Vineyards and stand back and watch everyone have a great time.

There is also the music that adds to the great time.

This was the 8th annual Big Curri-Shuck and they just seem to get better and better, although it could be that in having such a good time in the present, we forget how much fun we had last year or the year before.

Quick review of the food? The oysters really were better than ever. A couple of crab slew crabs in there—which is actually a sign of a healthy oyster bed. The was meaty, even though it’s a little late in the season. And the barbecue…really good, although the hush puppies may have been even better.

One of the things that John Wright the manager of Sanctuary Vineyards does every year, is give the kids from the Mustang Music Outreach Program some stage time. the kids range in age from 10-17, although the oldest kids didn’t play this year.

Musical Director for the program, Ruth Wyand, is a very accomplished musical and performer in her own right, but her ability to bring out the best in the kids has to be seen to be truly understood. 

The kids did a great job and it added to a great day of friends and food.