Every once in a while something comes along as a reminder of how remarkable a place the Outer Banks is to live. That was truly the case this Saturday with the Dare County Arts Council’s 26th Annual Artrageous celebration of the arts in the community. 

Something like 2100 kids and their parents spent the day getting their faces painted, learning how to make stained glass, discovering the Japanese art of Gyotaku—although wooden blocks were used instead of fish, and generally enjoying a wonderful day in the sunshine.

Held at Rec Park in Kill Devil Hills, the event had been postponed from its original September 26 because of an early season nor’easter.

Things truly seemed to work out well for the DCAC with the October 31 date. Yes . . . that is Halloween and there were certainly a lot of ghosts, goblins, witches and super heroes wandering through the craft tables but that just added to the wonder of the day.

In the truest sense of the word, this was a family friendly event. Rec Park is where the football fields are located and the kids were so anxious to get to Artrageous, that a lot of them were still in their pads wearing their jerseys as they tried their hand at painting or bead making. 

These were the types of activities that are geared toward kids but also often involved parents. Even if the parents weren’t willing to have a butterfly painted on their face—and quite a few of them did—still, seeing children so excited about creativity has to bring a smile to everyone’s face.