The carnival came to town this weekend. An unexpected but wonderful surprise.

Seems about two months ago the folks at Children and Youth Partnership were contacted about putting on a carnival in June and they leapt at the chance. Had to scramble a lot, but they got everything together.

One of the things that did seem to fall by the wayside was some of the publicity that they normally put out, but the place has been packed every night since it opened on Thursday.

The setting is absolutely beautiful, perched on the edge of the Roanoke Sound at the Nags Head Event Site. With a nice breeze off the water, even today’s high temperature in the mid to upper 80s wasn’t too bad at all.

This is classic American fair. . . barkers calling out to parents as they walk by the booths stacked to the rafters with stuffed animals, suggesting that anyone can win a prize. There were funnel cakes, burgers, ice cream, hot dogs, corndogs and cotton candy. 

There weren’t a lot of rides—a Ferris Wheel, a number of rides that spin really fast . . . a helicopter that seemed to be a huge hit for the kids.

But this wasn’t about the rides, or the snacks or prize; this was all about families spending time together, taking an evening to make a memory.

Nancy Griffin, the Executive Director of CYP mentioned that next year with more time to plan they can do an even better job. We’ll look forward to it.

The carnival closes tomorrow night, Sunday.