A message of hope and healing brightens Southern Shores.

A message of hope and healing brightens Southern Shores.

Let’s face it—it is a troubling time. Yet what shines through are the small moments of sharing and generosity that make this difficult time a little brighter.

Along one of the streets in Souther Shores there is the perfect example of that.

Carla and Paul Borzellino are a little bit older and are considered in the at risk category, but it hasn’t stopped them from holding up a light for the world to see.

It seems the couple were a little slow in getting their Christmas light display downed and it dawned on them  that maybe that wasn’t such a bad thing. Maybe lighting the night sky would make someone’s life a little brighter, lift someone’s spirit a bit higher.

So, here it is, early spring, almost April and the Borzellinos’ are lighting the night sky in Southern Shores with their Corona Lights

The sign out front says, “A Message of Hope and Healing.” It certainly is not the answer what we’re all going through, but seeing the light shine against the darkness, it is a reminder that there is, in fact, hope, and that we’ll get through this.

Other Messages of Hope and Healing to Come

The Outer Banks is filled with small tales like this, stories of hope and healing, and over the next few weeks we’ll be sure to write about more of them,

The same may be true in other places, that there are small moments of light in the darkness, a way to make a the burden of the uncertain a little less weighty. We don’t know about those. What we do know is that the Outer Banks is remarkable place filled with caring, compassionate and resilient people.

We love the Outer Banks and we are anxious to once again shore our home with our guests. All of us at Brindley Beach Vacations are looking forward to seeing hour homes and beaches filled once again.