Outer Banks Memorial Day

This is certainly an odd Memorial Day, yet so much of the day is like every other Memorial Day from years past.

The crowds are here on the Outer Banks. It’s hard to tell if there are as many visitors as we’ve had in past years, but there are certainly way more out of state license plates than we have seen for a while.

It’s May, so the weather is a bit iffy. There’s nothing new about that on the Outer Banks at all. We’ve had Memorial Days where the only thought was, “As soon as the ceremony is done, I’m hitting the ocean.”

And then there have been Memorial Days where the wind blew hard from the north and jackets were required.

This year is going to me closer to the “wind from the north” version, although jackets probably won’t be needed.

A Different Kind of Memorial Day

What makes this year a bit different though, is there are no ceremonies. Common sense or good judgement says gathering 30 or 40 people together right now would not be safe.

But if the ceremonies honoring those who gave their all for our freedoms are held aside this year, we can still take a moment to remember how important the sacrifice was that men and women in the armed services made.

Of course Memorial Day is also the unofficial beginning of summer, and for everyone who lives on the Outer Banks…well, it’s pretty important.

So, here’s to a wonderful summer, if a bit different that what we have experienced in the past. A lot of social distancing; probably wouldn’t hurt to keep a face mask handy. And unlike years past, please stock up before you come. The same supply chain problems that have plagued stores in Pennsylvania or Ohio are being experienced here.

We’re looking to a great summer season here at Brindley Beach Vacations. We’re glad you’re here.