Surf and Sound Trio performing Beethoven at the Duck Amphitheater.

Every once in a while a perfect evening comes along, that flawless combination just the right temperature, breeze and humidity. Being outside on a night like that and enjoying an activity makes special…maybe even memorable.

That’s what we had this evening at the Duck Amphitheater when the Bryan Cultural Series introduced the musicians of the 4th Annual Surf and Sound Series.

There was a light breeze off the sound, an earlier shower had dried the air and the the temperature seemed to hover around 80 degrees. A perfect setting for classical music.

Classical music may not be for everyone, but there are times when the the merging of the music of a violin, viola and cello performing a Beethoven composition match the feel of the evening perfectly.

The performance this evening included the Beethoven trio—String Trio in C minor, to put a name to it, and the String Quartet No. 6 in F minor by Felix Mendelssohn.

The musicians of the Surf and Sound Series are truly world-class. Reading over their biographies there is a thought that why would the come to the Outer Banks to perform before 100 or 200 people when they could be almost anywhere else performing in filled concert halls.

But—and this seems to be an important part of the allure—they do get to come to the Outer Banks.

There will be two more performances. Thursday at Cape Hatteras Secondary School in Buxton and on Friday at the Dare County Arts Council Gallery in Manteo. 

No more outdoor concerts for this year, but certainly worth checking out.