The Beach Road on Sunday at high tide looking toward the Black Pelican. The Black Pelican is open and undamaged.

All things considered, we got off pretty easy here on the Outer Banks. That combination of a coastal low, Hurricane Joaquin pumping moisture into the Carolinas created conditions that were . . . interesting. Not as bad as conditions to our south, but interesting.

Living this close to the sea, you do learn to roll with the punches, but five days of strong—almost gale force—winds and 9-12’ seas does take it’s toll, so with the sun peeking through the clouds today it’s a reason to rejoice. 

The Beach Road north of the Black Pelican in Kitty Hawk is a mess and will have to be replaced, again. The sandbags that NCDOT put down to form a foundation for the road held up remarkably well; unfortunately the sand dune that was built did not, and the ocean overwashed the road undercutting it in a number of places.

The damage to the road really underlines the need for beach nourishment. Ben Sproul, Pivot Visuals, put togerther a video showing nourished beaches in Nags Head next to beaches that have not been nourished. Very telling and makes the point quite effectively.

The next few days look fantastic—bright sunshine, a breeze—not a wind— and temperature in the mid 70s. Plenty to do this weekend with the Mustang Music Festival on Friday and Saturday followed the Duck Jazz Festival on Sunday. Then next weekend’s Outer Banks Seafood Festival arrives on Saturday, October 17 at the Event Site in Nags Head. Great food, great music and a great time.