Here it is Valentine’s Day on the Outer Banks, the sun is shining, deep blue sky and we can only hope love is in the air for everybody.
Like just about every other place on the planet friends and couples here are doing what everyone else is doing. February 14 is a great day to celebrate a special relationship–but what makes the Outer Banks so unique is that it’s a romantic place any time of the year.
Especially right now–which sounds a little bit contradictory since the weather has been a bit contrary since the new year began. Yet there is no denying that with the slower pace of the off-season the villages of Duck or Corolla are perfect for the intimacy of relationships.
There is magic in walking along a beach with someone you care about and there is just the wind, the sea, the waves and perhaps another couple or two strolling by. Not every restaurant is open right now, but there are certainly enough to guarantee a great dining experience. What is particularly nice about this time of the year, is there are no crowds so the spontaneous thought of “Let’s have an evening out,” seems to come naturally.


The rates are low right now, there is plenty of selection in our Brindley Beach inventory, so why not sneak away for a week at the beach.