Adwela & The Uprising performing at Sanctuary Vineyard's Acoustic Sunset.

Adwela & The Uprising performing at Sanctuary Vineyard’s Acoustic Sunset.

One of the underreported musical happenings on the Outer Banks is the Acoustic Sunset at SanctuaryVineyards in Jarvisburg.

Maybe it’s because Jarvisburg isn’t properly speaking the Outer Banks. It’s 11 miles up the road from the Wright Memorial Bridge.

Maybe it’s because there isn’t a restaurant and bar associated with it. Or that it’s immediately adjacent to the original Cotton Gin and that’s being rebuilt after last fall’s devastating fire.

Whatever the reason, Sanctuary Vineyard’s Acoustic Sunset should be on every music lover’s to do list. Or the to do list of anyone who wants to sit outside, sip some wine, or maybe sample a local beer…and listen to some music.

What It’s Like

The setting is not quite as nice as it was in the past when it was held on the north end of the Cotton Gin among the towering pines. But since the store burned down and the store is in the process of rebuilding, the event had to be moved closer to the Sanctuary Vineyard tasting room.

There is always a food truck parked at the Acoustic Sunset. A local brewery is also on hand. And, of course, wine tasting is part of the ambiance.

What is really nice is Acoustic Sunset, like all Cotton Gin events, is family friendly. Kids get a chance to run around a bit because it is outside and it’s a safe environment.

It’s worth checking out. The music is consistently excellent. The setting is pleasant and it’s a nice break from the ordinary.

Our summer has been amazing and it’s looking like fall will be as good. Not as many events as we’ve had in the past, but there is still lots to see and do on the Outer Banks. Take a look at our Outer Banks vacation rentals to find the perfect home in the perfect location.