Ruth Wyand and Her Band of One performing at Acoustic Sunset.

Ruth Wyand and Her Band of One performing at Acoustic Sunset.

Tonight was the last Acoustic Sunset for the season at Sanctuary Vineyards at the Cotton Gin in Jarvisburg.

The Acoustic Sunset is one of those events to put in the must do category for anyone visiting the Outer Banks. Or for those of us who live here for the matter. Held under the towering pines on the north lawn of the Cotton Gin, the setting is beautiful and the music always seems to match the surroundings.

The final show for the season could not have been better. Ruth Wyand and Her Band of One is what the evening is supposed to be all about.

Ruth, who lives on the Outer Banks, has won a number of national awards for her guitar playing. It’s all acoustic and she finger picks the strings of her guitar. Her voice is throaty and powerful. Perfect for the blues and bluesy-jazz songs of her repertoire.

Ruth Wyand at Acoustic Sunset

Beyond her voice—which is wonderful, and her guitar playing—which is as good as anything you’ll here, there is why she is the band of one. As she plays and sings, Ruth pounds out her beat with a small percussion section that she plays with her feet.

The sound is very full and wonderfully different.

The Acoustic Sunsets are sponsored by Sanctuary Vineyards, who grow their grapes and create their wines as part of the Cotton Gin operation. The vineyard manager is John Wright who is part of the Wright family who own the Cotton Gin surrounding farmland.

The Acoustic Sunsets are every Thursday beginning in May and running through September. They’re free which means there’s no excuse for not going. The Cotton Gin is 11 miles north of the Wright Memorial Bridge, so it’s not right on the Outer Banks, but it truly is not that far away.

There is still a lot to do on the Outer Banks. Stay with us here at Brindley Beach Vacations and see what life on a sandbar is all about.