Frozen tree along Kitty Hawk Bay
Ok, it’s cold. Maybe not as cold as in Minneapolis or Boston, but it’s definitely cold on the Outer Banks. 
It’s been colder though . . . at least that was Levin Scarborough’s recollection. Back about 1998 or 1999, Pops (that’s how he was known) was sitting on his porch on the south end of Duck talking about what the town was like when he was growing up. Since he was 94 or 95 at the time his memories went back away. 
He may have been old and his sentences and paragraphs tended to run together as he spoke, but his memory was intact and he gave a vivid description of the winter of 1919 when the Currituck Sound froze over. Mentioned that they almost starved because they couldn’t go fishing–although, according to Levin, when the ice did melt they had one of the best runs of perch they ever had.
That Scarborough name is certainly part of the history of Duck. When the town first started developing the Scarboroughs owned about 50 acres, which is why there is a Scarborough Lane and Scarborough Faire Shopping Center in town.

The cold should be exiting by tomorrow and the weekend is looking downright balmy by comparison. No frozen Currituck Sound this year.