The new Brindley Beach Vacations offices at Wee Winks Plaza in Duck.
Home at last! After six months of living in our Duck soundside location, the Brindley Beach office at Wee Winks Plaza in Duck have reopened. New building, new setting and wow(!) is it amazing. 
Everything about our new home is new and improved . . . except, of course for the personal care we have always given our owners and guests. That hasn’t changed and never will, unless we figure out a way to make amazing even better.
But the building itself will make it just a little more efficient, a little easier for the Brindley Beach family to give our owners, visitors and clients the service they should have.
The building is much larger than our old home. With two floors, better parking and a design that will enable us to help everyone walking through the door a little more quickly with a little more privacy, all of us are in one building now . . . property management, agents and reservations.
We have completely moved out of our sound side offices just across Route 12 from the Duck Research Pier.
It’s better for everybody–our agents have better offices and a better location and our customers will notice that we’ve managed to take our great service and up our game.
The new offices are just one part of the new Wee Winks Plaza in Duck. 
The old buildings are gone . . . demolished. The Wee Winks store had a number of facelifts and renovations over the years, but it had  gotten to the point that no amount of facelifts was going to create a modern store that would be able to stock the inventory needed to serve a growing summer crowd in Duck.
The new building looks to be about twice the size of the old one with a kitchen facility. And . . . no more backing into traffic. There is a real parking lot behind the Wee Winks buildings. That gut wrenching, adrenaline pumping adventure as customers backed into traffic to get out out the parking lot is a thing of the past.
The gas pumps are gone–a minor inconvenience–but they had to go to make room for the third building. The ABC store (stands for Alcoholic Beverage Control–or liquor store for our northern visitors) has moved from their old store across the street to their new location that is much larger than their original store.
In didn’t take us long to start helping our guests. We had just started moving in when our first visitors showed up. Have to wonder what they were thinking with boxes everywhere, the whole staff dressed in their moving clothes and nary a computer in sight. We’re pretty sure they understood–regardless we took care of them the way we take care of all or our Brindley Beach guests. Computers or no computers, the phones still work, we got them the information they needed and sent them on their way with a smile.