Sure things slow down in the winter on there Outer Banks, but that doesn’t mean life has stopped. For all of us who live here, the pace of life is a bit more mellow, more measured, and because of that, events that we could never do in the Summer are part of life at this time of the year.

Exhibit A in that is the First Friday Bourbon Tasting at Roosters Southern Kitchen in Kill Devil Hills. That will be Friday, February 2 to be exact.

Surprising, perhaps, to anyone who has not tried a variety of bourbons, the flavors and styles are as diverse as fine wine. There are light-bodied bourbons, full rich flavored ones, some linger on the palate, others offer a burst of flavor and then they’re gone.

It’s an event worth checking out, and it’s for a good cause.

Tickets are $25.00 and all ticket proceeds go to the local charity sponsored for the night. For the February 2 tasting, the event will benefit two charities. The Outer Banks Relief Foundation was originally scheduled to be the charity of the evening.

However, the Dare Education Foundation was supposed to be the January nonprofit, but the first Friday event was cancelled because ice and snow made the road impassable.

So this month two charities will benefit—the Outer Banks Relief foundation and the Dare Education Foundation.

In addition to the ticket proceeds, Rooster also donates 10% of their food sales for the day to the nonprofits.

So—dinner and a tasting and it’s all for a good cause. What could be better.