BrewTag poster

If nothing else, BrewTag proves that the concept of flight is a, well, flighty concept. And that is what the Saturday event at the Event Site in Nags Head is all about.

Not that flight is somehow ill-defined or difficult to achieve. Rather, BrewTag sets out to prove that if humans can fly there is every reason to believe that beer can soar the skies as well.

This being the 5th Annual BrewTag, we can safely say if beer can fly, it does not appear to do it very well.

What BrewTag is all about

Here’s the idea behind the BrewTag, for those who have not had a chance to get to the event.

A 30’ tower is stands in the middle of a field. Teams, who have paid for the privilege of building their own glider, climb to the top with their glider and launch it. The glider has a 1/6 keg of beer strapped to it. Empty, of course. We don’t want to waste beer.

Although a few of the gliders do manage a recognizable glide path, most of the gliders fall to the earth in an inglorious tribute to the force of gravity. In other words, they crash.

The best flights are usually achieved by designs based on a hang glider wing design…the Rogallo wing, and the Rogallo Foundation.

Francis Rogallo was a NASA flight engineer who invented the Rogallo wing in his spare time. He was a resident of Southern Shores until he passed away in 2009.

There is an adjustment this year with half of the proceeds going to Ocracoke and the remainder to the Rogallo Foundation.

Even though it sounds as though BrewTag is all about beer, it’s actually a great family event. Sponsored by Kitty Hawk Kites, there is lots of fun activities for the kids. And it is a lot of fun seeing if beer really can fly.

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