Phil-once’ 2013 Charity Queen

It’s winter on the Outer Banks but there are still things to do. It’s not like this sandbar we call home suddenly disappeared. A lot of it is family time and catching up with friends. At work, we’re gearing up for the summer—the reservations are coming into our offices here at Brindley Beach Vacations—and there is still some great entertainment around. 

Trio in Kitty Hawk is open and along with one of the best wine and beer selections around there’s live music all weekend. Ocean Boulevard takes pride in providing Friday evening music; over in Manteo, Poor Richards packs in the crowds on Fridays and Saturdays. (If you’ve ever been to Poor Richards, you’ll know—it’s a small place . . . people really are packed in.)

The big news, at least as far as we’re concerned is the announcement that the 2015 Womanless Beauty Pageant will be held March 21—that’s a Saturday—at Kelly’s Outer Banks Tavern in Nags Head. This is the 5th annual of these events that Doug Brindley and Brindley Beach sponsors and each one seems to be more fun than the last one.

This year’s event comes during Taste of the Beach so it looks to be one of the most successful we’ve ever had. 

Outer Banks men—this is your chance to find a charity to support and dress up like a woman . . . all for a good cause.