Womanless Beauties on Stage

It would be hard to find a better example of the generosity, community spirit and just plain sense of fun the Outer Banks has than the Brindley Beach Womanless Beauty Pageant.

We just had our 4th Annual on Saturday and by any standards, it was an amazing success; $90,000 was raised for charity–shattering last year’s record of $35,000 and everyone had a good time.

Here is what it’s all about. Everyone shows up at Kelly’s Outer Banks Tavern to watch ten men dressed up as women–and no amount of make-up or clothing will ever make them feminine. Each contestant chooses a charity to represent. Whoever raises the most money is crowned 2014 Womanless Beauty Queen. 

This years’s winner, Richard Bruce of Pigman’s Barbecue, raised $19,000 for Beach Food Pantry–a figure that was almost doubled, because the organization had a matching grant pending.

Helping the process along was Doug Brindley who matched $1000 donations. The Food Pantry, Get Pinked, the Dare Education Foundation, Outer Banks YMCA, Project Purple and the Outer Banks S.P.C.A. all benefitted from Doug’s generosity.

The event is a bit of insanity . . . perhaps more than a bit of insanity. There’s a beauty lineup, a question and answer segment–it’s remarkable watching a father of two girls try to answer a question about the issues facing young women today. And of course, a talent portion . . . a part of the show that includes, lap dancing and pole dancing–the pole dancing in particular was actually quite good.

It’s ultimately all for a good cause and it’s all about feeling good. It’s hard to see how this year’s total will be surpassed, but we’ll find out at the 5th Annual Womanless Beauty Pageant next year.