Team Toxic Wasted leaving the field in triumph.

For the past three years, BrewTag has attempted to solve the riddle of “Can beer kegs fly?”

As strange as it may seem, after three years, thousands of hours of study and—according to rumor—a few gallons of beer, the answer appears to be maybe.

We say maybe because, well not all flights at the Event Site in Nags Head on Saturday, when BrewTag occurred were successful. In fact, some were spectacularly unsuccessful, including last year’s winning team who managed a barely positive 12’ flight.

Last year a new world record was set of 65’7”. This year, not quite as far, but the 55’ flight of Team Toxic Wasted was a thing of beauty.

Of course, the reason there is still doubt about the ability of beer kegs to fly is the spectacular failures of most of the attempts. Still, enough got over a 40’ foot flight from the 25’ tower that we can confidently say, “maybe.”

We do want to get a quick reminder in about the Last Dance Womanless Beauty Contest coming up next Saturday at Kelly’s Outer Banks Tavern. That’s November 4.

The evening has everything going for it. It’s for a number of great causes—each ticket contributes to a worthy local charitable foundation, it is always a lot of fun and since Kelly’s Outer Banks Tavern will be closing at the end of November, it may really be the last dance at the icon of Outer Banks night life.

Here’s a list of the organizations for this year’s event:

Interfaith Community Outreach

Outer Banks Relief Foundation

Outer Banks Center for Dolphin Research

Dare Education Foundation

ARTS Dental Outreach

Community Care Clinic of Dare

Dare County Toys 4 Tots