The horses of the Corolla Wild Horse herd are frequently seen in the 4wd area of the Currituck Banks.
The horses of the Corolla Wild Horse herd are frequently seen in the 4wd area of the Currituck Banks.

When Currituck County created their beach parking permit for Carova, the area north of Corolla, the commissioners made a point of saying that they were sure changes would have to be made. At the January 25 meeting the first of those changes were voted into effect.

The new guidelines will probably have little effect on our Outer Banks visitors, although there are some circumstances under which vacationers could benefit.

Commissioners had been inundated with complaints from county residents that Carova residents two extra guest passes. 

The commissioners voted on Friday to issue two guest permits to all County residents.

The original plan called for all county residents to receive a beach parking permit; however, only residents living in the 4WD area received the extra permits. Voters living on the mainland pointed out that family and friends visiting them were penalized under those rules.

Who Will Need the Permits

Permits will continue to be needed for nonresidents who wish to park on the Carova beaches. The fees are $50 for a 10-day parking pass and $150 that would be valid for a calendar year.

It is important to note that the fees apply only if the plan is to park on the beach and remain there. The fees do not apply to visitors who may wish to take a 4WD vehicle on a ride up the beach—perhaps to search for the Corolla Wild Horses. Remember—you must remain 50’ away from the horses at all times. The are beautiful, but they are wild animals; the ordnance is for their protection and yours.

Concerns about safety and overuse of the beach prompted county commissioners to take action last year. Permits must be displayed on cars parked on the beach in the 4WD area of the Currituck Banks from the Friday before Memorial Day until Labor Day.

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