The Great Currituck Grape Stomp. From bare feet comes the finest grape juice?

If there is such a thing as a perfect day, perfect setting and ideal event all coming together, the 2018 version of Sanctuary Vineyard’s CradDaddy might be model.

Held on Saturday, the sun was out, but the temperatures were moderate, and since the event happens beneath the tall pines on the north end of The Cotton Gin in Jarvisburg, it never did feel to hot.

And of course there was crab…a lot of crab. Freshly steamed by I Got Your Crabs and all you can eat—and people ate a lot.

There was also great live music from the Jesse Chong Band and Trae Pierce & The T-Stones, some very tasty eastern North Carolina barbecue, and beer and wine.

The beer was from three local breweries—Lost Colony Brewery, Weeping Radish and Northern Outer Banks Brewing Company.

The wine? Well, that was from Sanctuary Vineyards, who along with I Got Your Crabs, hosted the event.

The event is certainly an AYCE affair—with a fair amount of wine and beer consumed as well. It is also, however, a wonderful family event with hayrides for the kids in a picnic like setting.

There is also the Great Currituck Grape Stomp. Thinks of Lucille Ball, stomping grapes in I Love Lucy, and that’s as close an image of what the event is as there can be. Two wooden tubs are filled with muscadine grapes, two people get in the each tub and start stomping the grapes hoping to be the first to fill a container with grape juice.

It’s sloppy, kind of sticky—there’s a lot of sugar in grape juice—and guaranteed to get everyone smiling and laughing.

A perfect way to be a part of a wonderful day.