Display that will be seen at the Currituck Maritime Museum.

Display that will be seen at the Currituck Maritime Museum.

The Currituck Maritime Museum is about to open. The announcement simply says July 2021, so there’s no specific date, but after construction delays, COVID delays, some uncertainty about what exactly Currituck County wanted in the museum, the 10,000 square foot museum is about to open.

A full inventory of what will be in the museum hasn’t been made public yet. From what has been posted on various media looks exciting. It’s not just the boats, though.

In addition to the historic boats that recall the glory days of the Currituck Sound hunt clubs, there will also be artifacts, period photography that has been resorted, videography and hands on exhibits. There will allow be demonstrations and educational programs.

For over 100 years, from just before the Civil War until the middle of the 20th century, private hunt clubs thrived along the banks and islands of Currituck Sound. There was the Monkey Island Club, Currituck Club, Pine Island, the Lighthouse Club and so many more that they cannot all be listed. The Whalehead Club, perhaps the most famous of all of them, began its life as a private vacation getaway for Edward Knight and his wife, Marie Louise Label Knight., Legend says the Lighthouse Club would not allow a woman shooting privileges.

The Importance to Currituck History

Almost all of those clubs were located on the Currituck Banks, and the only way to get there was by crossing the Currituck Sound by boat. Boats were also for the hunters and fishermen who came for the legendary sport of the Currituck Sound.

The maritime story of Currituck cannot be separated from the history of the County and with the opening of the Currituck Maritime Museum, that story will become a little more complete.

The Currituck Maritime Museum is located in Currituck Heritage Park directly across from the Whalehead Club.

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