Daniel Pullen photo of the sea surging into an Avon rental home. The photo was one of Time Magazine's top 100 of the year.

Daniel Pullen photo of the sea surging into an Avon rental home. The photo was one of Time Magazine’s top 100 of the year.

Daniel Pullen may be the best photographer on the Outer Banks. That’s a subjective evaluation, of course, but he is that good.

That’s not to run down or suggest that other photographers aren’t pretty amazing, it’s just that Daniel seems to consistently manage to be at the right place at the right time. And know which image tells the story perfectly.

Time Magazine’s Best 100 Pictures of the year included the picture with this article by Daniel Pullen. The image is of the sea, pushing into a rental home in Avon as Hurricane Teddy spun off the coast in September.

It is, by any standard, a remarkable—a memorable—photo.

In one image, Daniel has told an entire story.

In an interview published in the Coastal Review Online a few years ago, Daniel made a point of saying that he wanted each of his photos to tell a story. This particular image is extraordinary in how well it accomplishes that.

Take a moment, though, to look at his website (click here). Consistently, the pictures that he is taking do exactly that…they tell stories.

Daniel Pullen-A Little Background

Daniel began his professional career with some extraordinary images of waves and surfers. He has moved beyond that now-much beyond those early images. He will still shoot photos on the beach, but now his focus is on families and friends enjoying time on the Outer Banks.

In a normal year, Daniel and his, Kate, would be booked solid with weddings. This year, of course, not so much. But even at his busiest with his wedding photography, he still takes time to chronicle life on the Outer Banks.

The stories that Daniel Pullen tells with his camera, are just a few of the many tales waiting to be discovered on the Outer Banks. Begin your exploration of the wonder of the Outer Banks with a stay in a Brindley Beach Vacations Home.