Dimensions introduces the audience to another dimension of surfing.

Dimensions introduces the audience to another dimension of surfing.

Earlier this week we recommended checking out the premiere of Logan Marshall’s newest film Dimensions at the Pioneer Theater in Manteo.

Well, we took our own recommendation, bought a ticket and sat through an hour of what was the best surf film we’ve seen.

This is Logan’s third film and he keeps getting better and better.

Right up front let’s make sure it’s understood–this is a surf film. Logan’s eye for the spectacular, his patience in waiting for that perfect moment when someone seems perched above a wave, their board seeming to suspend the laws of gravity, is remarkable.

The Surf Film-Dimensions Focuses on the Surfers

But to solely focus on the action shot of Dimensions is to miss what makes this such a good surf film.

There is a very real human element to what Logan presents. He is really tracking the lives of some young East Coast pro surfers as they try to make their way in their sport. So yes, some of the shots are spectacular. But there are also some wipeouts that are epic.

And when one of the surfers gets a cut along the side of his face, Logan makes sure we know that’s the price they’re willing to pay to be the best at what they do.

There is also some great segments of them just clowning around. One of the best was Outer Banks surfer Beau Raynor and Micah Cantor, another young pro, doing a silly dance.

It was fun, funny and innocent and it truly helped to make them more human.

One of the coolest things about Logan Marshall films is the soundtrack. Dimensions might have had the best one yet. Off the charts great.

We’re not sure when the movie will be shown again on Outer Banks, but when it does show up, go see it.

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