Cover for Diving for the Light album

For over 30 wars Laura Martier has been has been at the center of the Outer Banks music and arts scene.

She has a voice and understanding of how songs come together that allow her to any genre. Jazz, soul, country, she has performed it all and done it incredibly well.

She has recorded a couple of albums as well. Twenty years ago she released her first CD Intersection, recorded in New York. More recently she and her husband Dan, performing as Birddog, released Open Air, featuring Latin, soul, rock and Cajun music.

And just days ago, she released Diving for the Light.

It’s different. Very different from anything she has done in the past.

All the songs on this CD were written by Laura. She has written some songs in the past, but those have been compositions created with Dan.

It’s possible that we could blame COVID and the pandemic for her creative output. Unable to perform live for a year, according to Laura she started writing a song every day.

The result is an album that interweaves Laura’s powerful vocals and interpretations over jazz arrangements.

Diving for the Light Musicians

As good as Laura’s vocal are in Diving for the Light. the musicians who helped generate the feel of the music have to be given credit. And most of them are local.

Dan Martier sits in on drums, but the album uses two drummers, and the second drummer is Dan and Laura’s son, Josh. Ed Tupper is on bass. Ed is very well-known locally as one of the best bassist on the Outer Banks.

The lush, full sound is the production magic of Matthew Wentz, who plays guitar for the album.

Matthew and Josh are part of local hard rock/psychedelic band Zack Mexico.

There is one more family member that shows up in the music. Needing someone to play saxophone, she called in her nephew Santos Sharma who lives in NYC. He’s young but he can play.

The lyrics are direct and all out a positive message of hope and the need for strength.

Here’s a link to check out the album.

There is so much talent on the Outer Banks. We’ll be able sit outside and enjoy some live music this summer. Just one more reason to make your reservations with Brindley Beach Vacations today.