Sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean, Easter Sunday, 2020.

Sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean, Easter Sunday, 2020.

Easter Sunday on the Outer Banks has been a beautiful day. A little bit of wind, but the sun has shone all day and the temperatures have been perfect.

As the sun rose over he Atlantic this morning, there were a few clouds to the west so the sun had to pick and choose its moment to cast its light on the Outer Banks.

It was a beautiful, wonderful way to begin the day. The ocean was almost flat, the waves more like gentle riffles than the usual pounding surf.

There were a number of people scattered along the beach watching the sunrise. Some, perhaps, were there because of Easter—for religious reasons. To witness the sun, once again rising, its light a beacon of hope and renewal.

For others, it may be they were there  for the simple beauty of the moment. The shimmering of the multi-colored reflection of the sun’s light upon the waters; the power of the light of the sun becoming more apparent with each passing moment.

A Time of Faith and Hope

This is a time of the year that is filled with both religious significance and a sense of renewal of life and hope.

The Jewish ceremony of Passover was on Wednesday and we are now at the midpoint of the observance of the deliverance from Egyptian bondage that the holiday celebrates.

For Christians this is one of the holiest times of the year. The belief in the resurrection is at the heart of this time, and there is extra power in the knowledge of the rebirth of life that spring represents.

This has been a difficult time—a test of our spirit and will. Yet the glimmerings of hope are beginning to appear. That doesn’t mean things will improve tomorrow or next week. Probably not even three or four weeks from now. But if we just keep doing what we need to do, we’ll have our lives back and here at Brindley Beach Vacations we’ll be able to once again say, “Welcome to the Outer Banks. We’re glad you’re here.”