Men, women of all ages and children too compete in the ESAs.

Men, women of all ages and children too compete in the ESAs.

The ESAs, Eastern Surf Association Finals, are coming up this weekend and that’s about as good an indication that things are getting back to normal on the Outer Banks as there could be.

Ocracoke still has a long way to go after Doria, and there’s still some work to be done in Avon, Buxton and Hatteras Village. Other than that, however, the Outer Banks is open and welcoming our visitors back again.

And the ESAs are a big part of that.

Held at Jennette’s Pier every year in mid September, the ESAs are the Eastern Surf Association’s final contest for the year bringing amateur surfers from Maine to Florida to Nags Head.

It’s a great contest and a blast to watch.

What the ESAs are all about

Pro surfers are great and they’re amazing to watch. What sets the ESAs apart, though, is it is a contest for all ages and a remarkable range of skill level. And it’s not just riding a surfboard. In the past skimboard and body surfing have been a part of the competition.

It makes for a wonderful family feel to the event.

Beginning on Sunday September 15 and running through the week until Saturday, the competitions features wave riders from 8-80…and there could be older riders since there’s no upper age limit.

Families take off from school to bring their kids to the event, especially if the children won or placed in their regional competition to qualify for the finals.

There’s enough activity out in the Atlantic that we should see some good wave action this year. That wave action is invariably aided by the sandbar that forms to the south of Jennette’s Pier, so we’re looking forward to a great show on surf.

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