Conditions improved Friday and surfers at the ESA's showed their skills.

Conditions improved Friday and surfers at the ESA’s showed their skills.

The ESA’s are wrapping up today. The annual gathering of the East Coast’s best amateur surfers had a heck of a week.

The weather was fine. Windy thanks to some offshore activity, but no rain, plenty of sunshine and moderate temperatures.

The Atlantic Ocean? That was another story entirely.

Hurricane Humberto was well to the east of the Outer Banks, but it kicked up a lot of surf. With strong winds from the NNE, it wasn’t good waves or surf for riding. Waves in the surf zone were 8-9’ with a lot of chop.

Maybe the pros could have ridden some of that, but the ESA’s are an amateur competition, so the competition took Thursday off.

Friday morning there it was still messy, but rideable. The waves were breaking about 75 yards from shore, and the Junior women were up first. They did some good surfing in not very good conditions.

By the afternoon, the wind had backed off and the surf cleaned up, and even though were were looking at semi-final competitions, there was some great surfing going on.

Today, conditions are about as good as they get—5-7’ waves with a clean break.

This is also the weekend for the Surflorous film festival. Free screening tonight at the Brewing Station.

Fall is certainly festival time on the Outer Banks. Next weekend look for the Vintner’s Dinner and Grand Tasting at The Lost Colony.

The following weekend there’s the Halloween International Film Festival. For anyone who likes a good scare and horror films, don’t miss it. Matt and Sue Artz have done an amazing job of gathering some outstanding film work and bringing it to the Outer Banks.

There is so much to do on the Outer Banks at this time of the year, that one week is barely enough. Plan your fall getaway with Brindley Beach Vacations and see what the real Outer Banks is all about.