Fall season or summer, even on busy beach days there's still plenty of room on Outer Beaches.

Fall season or summer, even on busy beach days there’s still plenty of room on Outer Beaches.

All the signs indicate the that Outer Banks is going to have one of the best if not the best fall season we’ve ever had.

The roads are filled with traffic and most of the license plates are from out of state. There’s actually a wait to get into some of our restaurants—something that is rare indeed in the fall, and stores are filled with customers.

Our fall shoulder season, mostly September and October, have been steadily getting busier and busier, but 2020 stands out for the sheer volume of people who are visiting after the summer season.

There are certainly a number of factors that have gone into why so many people are here at this time of the year. If course it’s speculation, but we can take some good educated guesses.

As we mentioned, fall has become an increasingly popular time to visit the Outer Banks, so some of that is the year to year growth we’ve seen.

Effect of COVID-19 on Fall Season

But there can be no doubt that COVID-19 is playing a huge role is what is happening.

Something that a number of people have remarked on is that with so many schools going to online instruction, families don’t have to be in Pennsylvania or Ohio. As long as the students have access to WIFI, they can be anywhere.

Another factor are travel restrictions to foreign countries. Couples or families cannot hop in a plane and fly to Europe right now. The Outer Banks seems to be a very good alternative destination.

Something else that may be influencing some the decisions is the nature of our beaches. At a time when social distancing is so important, with over 100 miles of beach, even on the busier days, our beaches look nothing like Coney Island or the Jersey shore.

For anyone who has not yet made those reservations to come stay with us, fall is a great time to visit. Check our our Brindley Beach Vacations homes for the best locations on the Outer Banks.