This will come as a shock to no one, but here on the Outer Banks we make most of our money in the summer. For the folks that live here it’s a pretty crazy time–a lot of work, a little bit of patience with a touch of humor helps, and a real feeling of gratitude that so many people love the Outer Banks as much as we do and we can actually earn a living in one of the most beautiful places on earth.
If you ask a local what their favorite time of year on the Outer Banks is, though, it’s almost always fall. Brilliant sunshine, temperatures have moderated just a bit, water temperature is still warm and there’s still enough visitors to keep all the businesses open but without the lines and waiting from the summer.
Those conditions last just about through the first or second week in October.
For our readers who may have spent a week or two in Corolla or Duck or any of the other towns on the Outer Banks in the summer, this is an invitation to come back in the fall and get a sense of just how different the vacation experience is in the shoulder season. Actually, it’s an invitation for just about anyone to come to the edge of the continent and experience life on a sandbar.
Rental rates have dropped, here at Brindley Beach Vacations we offer partial week packages on some of our homes and all in all it makes for a perfect surprise vacation, long weekend or weekend getaway.
There’s still lots to do–not the least of which is dig your toes into the sand and read a book by the sea. In addition to doing a lot of nothing, there is a lot of activity, especially on weekends during the fall.
There is a tremendous tradition of supporting local charitable organizations on the Outer Banks and the fall is when almost every weekend sees a tennis or a golf tournament.
Of course golf, especially, is one of the best reasons to visit the Outer Banks. There are some absolutely beautiful courses that will challenge even the most experienced golfer. They tend to be pretty popular in the fall, so make reservations if you’re thinking or playing at the Currituck Club in Corolla, Nags Head Links in Nags Head or over on the mainland, Kilmarlic.
The busiest weekend for events has become Columbus Day weekend (October 6-8 this year). The Duck Jazz festival has become one of the premier East Coast jazz festivals with 3000-4000 people attending. It’s free, held on Sunday and there is music all day long. Also, since the musicians are in town for the weekend, they keep showing up in various clubs and restaurants throughout the northern Outer Banks the whole time they’re in town. For more information contact the town of Duck at,
Something new this year is the Outer Banks Bluegrass Festival down in Manteo is also happening over Columbus Day Weekend.. A weekend long event filled with some of the biggest names in bluegrass music tickets seem to be selling fast. More information on the
The following weekend more music and it might be the best of the lot. Mike Dianna’s Mustang Music Festival ( Two days of amazing music with two stages. When one group finishes another kicks out the tunes on the other stage. Last year was amazing, this year looks better. Too many great groups to even say who the headliner is.