We’re always talking about what a great family place the Outer Banks is but it does help if, along the way, there are some examples to point to. So here are some examples.

The Whalehead Club, Currituck Beach Lighthouse and the Outer Banks Center for Wildlife Education form Currituck Heritage Park and it would be tough to find a better place to take kids to just be kids . . . lots of room to run and beautiful setting and activities to really engage their imagination.

Deb Kasten will be bringing her North Carolina Marionette Theater back to the Whalehead Club on Wednesdays. The performance is great for kids, but after the marionette show, Kasten and her puppeteers do a scarf marionette workshops makin puppets from cotton scarves and wooden beads.

The Center for Wildlife is worth a one or two hour trip all its own. The museum it houses is a fascinating look at the history and ecology of Currituck Sound, but more than that, the museum has a full slate of outdoor workshops for kids. Everything from kayaking to archery is included in their actives. 

One of the most popular Friday night attractions for the past few years has been the Movies on the Sound sponsored by the Children at Play in Kitty Hawk. For the last two years they have been shown on the waterfront in Nags Head, but the location is moving around. 

June the show will be at the Event Site in Nags Head—as it has been in previous years. But in July, the show moves to the Village Green in Duck. These are great movies including Little Mermaid and the Lego Movie. And the best part is it’s all free.