Members of the Virginia Symphony string section in performance at the last show of the Outer Banks Forum season.

Nothing like going out with a bang. 

The Outer Banks Forum, the first Outer Banks organization to bring music to the beach, has been around since 1983 and over that time they have done an outstanding job of getting some great talent to the area.

Wrapping up their 2016-17 season with the Virginia Symphony continues that tradition.

Their shows are at First Flight High School, and the auditorium there is a great venue of music and the Virginia Symphony did not disappoint.

Beginning with one of the finest renditions of the Star Spangled Banner Saturday night was an evening of music to celebrate.

The first half of the show was all about the classic classical music…Strauss, Mozart, Brahams, Stravinsky. Conductor Benjamin Rous, who came up with the program, did an excellent job of selecting music that was challenging but accessible.

Rous was also a fantastic host for the evening, explaining what was going to be played and why with a wonderful sense of comic timing.

The second half of the show featured more contemporary music—selections from the March King John Phillip Sousa certainly got the attention of everyone, but the gems were the performances of John Williams Star Wars compositions, when Luke and Leia meet and Leia’s Theme.

He also included a selection from the movie Spiderman, that was surprising in how it suggested Spiderman moving through the city.

The Outer Banks Forum 2017-2018 season will begin on September 9 with the Richmond Ballet and end on April 28 with the Virginia Symphony. If the weather holds and all goes as hoped the final show of the year next year will be outdoors at Roanoke Island Festival Park.