Building a sandcastle on the beach in Corolla.

Father’s Day on the Outer Banks is probably a lot like Father’s Day everywhere—kids of all ages take the day to thank that parent for the guidance, advice and love they’ve gotten over the years.

The Outer Banks does have some special qualities that can make a Father’s Day a little more special. There is something wonderful, perhaps magical, about a father spending the day at the beach with his kids. Seeing a father and daughter flying a kite at Jockey’s Ridge or at the Whalehead Club in Corolla is wonderful reminder that some of the smaller moments make for the best memories.

Perhaps that is what makes the Outer Banks so special, because this is a place that truly is about families. Thinking back about all of the activities there are to do, about the beauty of the setting and the pace of life, very few of the things we at Brindley Beach recommend are moments or life changing; yet taken all together, they are the things that create lifetime memories and and the remembrances families cherish when they think back about their best times together.

To all of the fathers and families creating special moments on the Outer Banks, have a wonderful day and remember to treasure these moments because they truly are the best part of life.

A quick reminder to our Corolla guests. Please check in at our Duck office in Wee Winks Square. We lost our Corolla office in a fire.