Kitty Hawk Beach today. Image courtesy of Hidden Outer Banks.

Days like today are a great reminder of how special the Outer Banks truly is. The high temperature was in the upper 60s, bright sunshine and a nice breeze from the south. 

That’s all is going to change, of course, this being February and still winter. Nonetheless, its a far cry from the snow, ice pellets and generally miserable weather forecast for everything from Baltimore north.

The reminder of how extraordinary the Outer Banks can be is a great opportunity to remind anyone who is planning on vacationing with us to make those reservations as soon as possible. In the summer, just about every property on the Outer Banks is occupied every week, so the best way to make sure that one or two week getaway is on track is to make those reservations as soon as possible.

Call us here at Brindley Beach Vacations at (877) 642-3224 or check out our property selections online. With the addition of Wright Property Management to our Brindley Beach family of homes, we have over 600 properties from Corolla to South Nags Head.

While we’re on the subject of vacations and calling us, we should mention that springtime on the Outer Banks is wonderful, with fantastic weather and lots to do.