A great day and a huge turnout for the Outer Banks Food Truck Showdown.

A great day and a huge turnout for the Outer Banks Food Truck Showdown.

After attending a couple of Outer Banks Food Truck Showdowns, we can honestly say the biggest problem is way too much food and not nearly enough capacity to eat it all.

Held today, Sunday at the Outer Banks Event Site in Nags Head, it was everything we hoped it would be. Great weather, great food, fantastic music and a really good time.

The secret is to go with a group of people and share. Going alone, well, given portion size, and expense to a certain degree, it’s hard to see how more than three or four food trucks could be visited.

With friends in tow? Well, the number that can be sampled goes up rapidly.

We haven’t confirmed it yet, but last year, Mike Dianna of Bearded Face Productions, who put the day together, bracketed the peak season with a Food Truck Showdown in June and another one in September. We’re thinking the same scenario will unfold this year.

The food was fantastic! That’s the first thing that has to be acknowledged. Innovative too. We tried a lamb gyro from Mama Voula’s and it was very good. That’s not something you get every day from a food truck.

Showdown More than OBX Food

A hallmark of all Bearded Face production is that they are very family friendly and that was certainly the case today.

And then there was the music. As is always the case in these events it was innovative and fantastic.

The kids from the Mustang Outreach Program kicked things off.

Then the headliner for the day—Of Good Nature. Sort of a reggae rock band with a lot of funk and touch of jazz.

The music wound up with Trick Fly. Great guitar player. And the country and a little bit bluegrass sound of Fixity 5.

The Food Truck Showdown is just one of many events on tap for this summer. Be sure to plan your visit with Brindley Beach Vacations today. After this amazing food event, make sure to burn those extra calories and check out some fun water sports and recreation centers in the area!