What’s the phrase: “Beware of Greeks bearing gifts?” Or is that “Geeks” as in technology?

Here is what is happening on the Outer Banks–and actually it’s happening nationally as well. Charter Communications–who is the cable provider for the Outer Banks–is upgrading everything to digital–and the reasons for doing so are valid: better picture quality, faster transmission of the image using less bandwidth which allows them to offer faster internet service. 
If all goes as planned, sometime in mid March the old analog signal will go dead and only the HD signal will be available.
Initially there is no charge for the digital box, depending on the length and type of contract. However, when the current contract is up, according to Charter there will be a $6.95 charge for the box.
Because every TV needs its own box for digital reception, this might get very expensive very quickly.
For a typical family with two or three TVs, the charges will be noticed but should be manageable. For a rental property owner with 10 or 12 TVs in their house, the additional fees will be very noticeable.
Here at Brindley Beach we’re not sure what can be done about this. A dish network is an option for your televisions, but guests expect internet service in their homes and at this point in time cable offers the best and fastest option.
This is more of a cautionary note than a call to action. We want our property owners fully informed about what is coming their way. For complete information about the Charter upgrade contact Charter.