Ghost Light on stage at the 8th Annual mustang Spring Jam.

Ghost Light on stage at the 8th Annual mustang Spring Jam.

The 8th Annual Mustang Spring Jam up in Corolla has come and gone and wow (!) what a great show it was.

The headliner this year as Ghost Light. It’s almost impossible to describe their music

Jam band? Yes, they are definitely a jam band—they’re opening number was a good 20 minutes long.

That, however does not come even close to describing their music. It is extraordinarily complex, yet compelling and fascinating. There is a lot of jazz to what they do. Unmistakably some classic rock. A driving funky beat…

But when things get most interesting is when guitarist Tom Hamilton screaming leads play off the the jazz based improv of classically trained pianist Holly Bowling on keyboards, the music seems to go to a whole new level.

Raina Mullen’s voice is a powerful instrument in its own right, a voice that seems to merge perfectly with the sound of the group.

Two Groups That Surprised at Mustang Spring Jam

Mustang Spring Jam always seems to have at least not surprise group that catches the attention of audience. There was not at weak performance anywhere, but there were two bands earlier in the day on Sunday that truly stood out.

Downtown Abby and the Echoes opened and the vocals of Abby Bryant have to be heard to be truly appreciated. Throaty, powerful yet with sultry feel, her voice fills out the songs the band performed beautifully. She also did a couple of her own songs and they were too were very good.

And they there was Little Stranger.

Describing the duo is difficult. Just a guitar and vocalist and an unapologetically in your face mashup of hiphop, rap and reggae. High energy, pulsing rhythm and a great show.

The Mustang Spring Jam benefits the Mustang Outreach Program for young musicians and the Corolla Wild Horse Fund.

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