Ghosts, fun and history at The Lost Colony.
Ghosts, fun and history at The Lost Colony.

Ghosts of the Lost Colony—a little fun, some history and maybe even a chance meeting with a ghost. That is what the Ghosts of the Lost Colony Tour offers. The tour dates are April 15-27.

Is The Lost Colony and the site of what was briefly “The City of Raleigh” haunted? There is speculation that it is and unconfirmed reports of sightings of spirits.

Ghosts of the Lost Colony, History & Fun

Ghosts of the Lost Colony Tour takes investigators on a half mile nighttime walk the forest on the north end of Roanoke Island. About an hour long, the includes discussions of the history of the Lost Colony as well as a good chance of a face to face ghostly encounter.

There two tours walk the woods every evening at 8:00 and 9:00 p.m.

A few years ago The Lost Colony produced a haunted tour for halloween. According to everything we’ve seen about the 2019 version, it’s nothing like that. The earlier haunted tour was made to scare everyone and it did a great job of doing that.

This tour is mostly educational with the very real chance to meet a ghost or two first hand. The story behind the first attempt to colonize the New World by the British is a tragic tale. Knowing now how it ends, as the facts come to the fore, it’s a bit like watching a slow motion train wreck.

Unlike the haunted tour, this walk through the woods is designed to be family friendly.

Comfortable shoes for walking seem like a good idea. It’s probably a good idea to bring a lightweight jacket as well—it is April and the tour right by the water.

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