GIS Day map of Dare County shipwrecks.

GIS Day map of Dare County shipwrecks.

Wednesday was GIS Day. A little known national day of recognition that champions the technology that allows us to navigate anywhere from our car seats.

For the most part GIS Day passes unremarked, but we have to give a shoutout to what the Dare County GIS Department did this year.

They have created a map that pinpoints some 2000 shipwrecks off the Dare County Outer Banks coast. They do go up a little bit into Currituck County. And down to Ocracoke, but mostly it’s Duck to Hatteras.

Looking at the map, what becomes apparent is a lot of shipwrecks have been mapped, but we know the names of very few.

Some of the Better Known Shipwrecks

The famous ones are there. The USS Huron that sank in November of1876 within 200 yards of the Nags Head Lifesaving Station. The station was closed for the season and because of that over 120 men lost their lives. The tragedy led directly to changes in the Lifesaving Service that eventually became the US Coast Guard.

The U-Boats sunk in WWII are are all marked.

The U-Boats and Huron are well known dive sites. As is the Oriental, its steam engine still sticking up just above the surface a few hundred yards off the beach at Pea Island.

The G.A. Kohler is listed. One of the last of the large cargo schooners, she went aground south of Salvo in 1933. Her skeleton still shows up from time to time on the beach.

This is the second year the the Dare County GIS Department has come up with a special idea for GIS Day. Last year a 1996 map was laid next to a 2018 map of the county, allowing the curious to see how things had changed over the past 20 some years.

Pretty cool stuff. Worth checking out.

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